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New guy, first post, cargo bed and fuel tank replacement questions

Discussion in 'Ford Trucks' started by bgk, Sep 27, 2009.

  1. bgk

    bgk Junior Member
    Messages: 6

    Nice website. Good people posting good info here. I’ve used the Search function; please excuse me if I overlooked the answers to my questions.

    I’m a homeowner with decent mechanical skills, tools, jacks, stands, compressor, etc. and a garage to work in. I recently purchased a 1996 F350 standard cab 133” WB 4WD 5.8 motor with Fischer 8-foot MM plow for short money because the front fenders and bed are rusted/dented and the rear fuel tank is leaking (the frame, drive train, steering, suspension, brakes, etc. are fine). A friend has a rust-free, undamaged long bed off a 1997 Ford F250 truck (different color) that he’s giving to me.

    From visual inspection of the truck and from surfing the internet, I’m reasonably confident that I have learned how to swap beds and fenders. I intend to pull the bed and fenders off, replace the rear tank and straps, install the new bed and fenders, then have the truck painted. Beer and pizza will bribe some friends to help me lift the beds off/on the frame.

    My questions are:

    Even though the front tank is not leaking, should I replace it anyway (I know that the tanks are replaced from below the bed and frame, but that's usually done at a commercial garage on a lift)?
    Even though the existing fuel pumps seem to be working fine, should I replace them when I replace the tank(s)?
    Is there anything else that I should inspect/repair/replace while the bed is off the truck?
    Do you have any advice on the best way to carry the new bed on the old bed to get it home to do the swap (lengthwise/crosswise, maybe with some 2x4s spanning across the width of the truck between the beds)?

    Thank you in advance for your response.
  2. HALH VT

    HALH VT Senior Member
    from Vermont
    Messages: 128

    Best way I have seen to carry a new bed on the old one is to put some short 2x4's in the stake pockets and set the new bed upside down on them. A strap or two over the whole thing and you're good to go. If you are worried about the paint use carpet scraps or something like that between them.
  3. bgk

    bgk Junior Member
    Messages: 6

    I never would of thought of that. Great idea. Thank you.
  4. 02powerstroke

    02powerstroke PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,188

    Anything that looks like it might go fix it with the bed off, brake lines,wireing shocks ect its soooooo much easyer and faster to do that short of thing with the bed off. I just got a dodge for 150 bucks and did the same thing and we fixed alot while the bed was off. Its up to you on how much money you want to throw at it fuel tanks and fuel pumps arent cheep.