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New game changer for tracks on ice? (CFT or Chains For Tracks)

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This was posted 4 weeks ago:
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Honestly it looks like a GREAT idea. Cheap, super simple to take on and off.

Does anyone have any experience with these or info on how it compares to a wheel machine with chains for now removal?
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"Uneffects drivability"???
Sounds like a former Indian telemarketer wrote their video text.
I think they meant to say "enhances drivability"?
I think the clamp on idea, isn't gonna hold up.
Need to secure the ends together on the bottom too. Which probably interferes with the sprockets,bogies.
Or drivability unaffected.

I'm not sure that's a product you would need to have made in China. In fact it looks extremely simple for just about anybody to make in their garage. I'm kind of shocked nobody has tried this before. It's just a short length of chain with a hook on each side and a nut and bolt welded to it.

It's a super clever idea.

I don't know if it would throw chains or not. The ground pressure is pretty low on tracks. I would be more worried about what it would do to the ride then throwing chains. With a rigid undercarriage CTL I would imagine going over those chains is pretty bumpy unless there's enough of them.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts