New Front Plow/Back Plow Combo

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by Kent Lawns, Aug 30, 2000.

  1. Kent Lawns

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    For those who want the advantages of a back dragging plow with buying/building a rear plow:

    The new Hiniker C-Plow "covertable" switches from conventional front plow to back-dragger with the flip of a switch.

    --Thought some would like to know--
  2. GeoffD

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    After what John Parker of Ny Snow Pros has to say. I wouldn't touch a hiniker plow.

  3. diggerman

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    I guess they should have named them Hinkey plows
  4. GeoffD

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    i haven't sean a picture of this plow, so this statement has no realy fact behind it.

    I just think that when you design a plow, to do do different jobs, there may be too many moving parts, and too many weak links in the design. Thus resulting in more breakdowns. This is pure opinion, not a fact by any mean.

  5. cutntrim

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    Arctic (based in Ontario) makes a pull plow we're going to check out tomorrow or friday. Since we're emphasizing full-service to our residentials next season, we expect to have more driveways to plow. Other than seeing it on their website I know nothing about Arctic pull plows...we are curious though. Daniels doesn't have a website I guess, and I haven't heard of them up here in Canada.

  6. n y snow pros

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    some how i posted on the wrong thread if you go to big snow little snow u can read my opinion on Winkydink i mean Heniker plows
  7. Lazer

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  8. Ed Altheide

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    pull plows

    This web site lists a complete line of pull plows
    manufactured by Check it out and let me know what you think?

    Some features: only spring trip pull plow, exclusive high lift, easy receiver hitch hook-up, power down, straight or angle blades.
  9. Alan

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    I saw a brochure on the Hiniker C plow. Looks to me like you could tear hell out of it if you snagged something while backing up. Also there not a lot of room under the wishbone and the part of the plow that doesn't flip-flo to carry much snow. That and the foine endorsement from John Parker makes it real easy for me to stay away from Hiniker.
  10. snow

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    hinky dinky plows

    from what i hear, the forks bend easily, the mounting of them isn't too great and the c-plow looks like it wouldn't see one season on use.

    <b>Ed Altheide</b>- welcome to the forum. it's nice to finally have someone involved with making snowplows. one of my friends is a distributor for them. just wondering why in your ads you show them pulling gravel?


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    I have seen the pictures of the New hiniker plow, although not seeing it in person, i am curious of its strength and reliability. I did have a route of many driveways and used a western 7.5 pro uni-mount and used it as a backdrag. It stunk like we all know. We now have in development a bolt on system to the uni-mount which turns it into a DOWN-PRESSURE system. I have used it personally for one season with satisfying results and doing further R&D.Good luck to Hiniker. #1 PT.
  12. GeoffD

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    Also if you look at the pictures. It looks like someone has shoveled the snow where the trucks tire sits. This allows the unit to back drag better. I wonder how effective it would be with out shoveling the place for the tires.

  13. fivestr19

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    hiniker plows look very poorly constructed, i would expect theat the first big storm would mess something up in the birdsnest of parts they have to move the sucker.....myself i wouldnt touch one with a 10 foot pole!
  14. Alan

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    Ed, were you at SIMA-Portland? I talked to somebody from your company at length, down in the parking garage while they were showing me your plow.
  15. diggerman

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    Anyone know of a blade that actually is a back drag blade w/a trip that will mount in a standard plow frame on the front of a truck.
  16. Ed Altheide

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    Thanks for the welcome! A snow removal contractor for 15 years, I live for snow!

    The plows are tested and built to work in gravel during the off season. The picture was taken during testing to show durability.
  17. Ed Altheide

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    Yes, I was at SIMA in Portland. So it was me you visited with - good to talk to you again.