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Camaro SS Mike

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ok i have a few questions i bet some of you might know. on the new ford f350s, which suspension option makes it sit up the highest? the snow plow prep one? i see some really high up 350s and others dont quite look as high, maybe it depends on what tire option u get too? i like the ones that look like they have smaller tires and sit up real high. ok now my next question, with that heavy duty suspension that i like , does the truck ride rediculously hard and stiff? i mean is it way too hard to drive it everyday as a daily driver? my brothers 92 chevy 1500 rides great kind of feels like a car, he says if i drove the f350 i would hate it. i need some input, thanks! Mike

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The snowplow prep package will get you the heavest front axel weight (5200 ).

As for ride quality, the new F 350 super duties ride much better then the past models. I have some of the older F 350s still, and they ride like a International Paystar. However the new F 350s ride much better, have a much better cab, with much more room.

They really are great trucks.


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The snow plow prep package does give you the 5200 pound axle ratio. But, to be absolutely sure, you want a truck with the "X" spring code on the door sticker. The "X" springs provide the highest GAWR. Just to clarify, if you have the snow plow prep you should also have the "X" springs.

Camaro SS Mike

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i appreciate the responses guys, keep em coming! :)
another thing i forgot to sk about the f350s, some of them i see have the door moldings on the door and continued onto the pick up part also. but most of the 350s i see just have the molding on the door and not the pick up part, it kind of looks like its missing something without the molding on both parts, is this an option of some sort? ive been on the ford website and it says nothing about optioning for full moldings, i dont get it...



Is it a gasser or a Powerstoke?

If it's a powerstoke, it will actually drive better with the X springs. Handling is much better becuase it won't dive in corners. Mine was very mushy before I changed to X's. A little firmmer ride but not harsh at all. In fact I also have Add-a-leafs and I still don't think it's too stiff. Besides, IT"S A TRUCK!!! :D Mine is a everyday driver (48K mi. in 14 mos.)

Haven't driven a gasser with X's so I don't have any feedback on them.

Oh, and I only have the molding on the cab also. Was going to order molding for the bed, but it's grown on me the way it is.:)


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