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John Allin Addict
Erie, PA
For those of you who may not already be aware, Chuck Smith (from this forum) is coming to work for us beginning June 1st. Chuck will be a 'Regional Field Manager' for Snow Management Group (the plowing division of Allin Companies). He will continue to live in New Jersey and will be our presence and representative in New Jersey, New York and Eastern Pennsylvania. Those of you who are working with us on the bank project will see Chuck more and more (in person now). Additionally, we have signed up quite abit more business on the east coast for next winter, and Chuck will be our point man for this, and future expansion plans on the East Coast.

This has been 6 months in the making, and (personally) I am very happy to have him be a part of what we are doing on a national scale in the snow and ice industry.

Welcome aboard Chuck !!

75 Addict
Hmmmmmm.......I seem to recall seeing similar news on a different forum, can't quite place where it was........

Congratulations on your new position Chuck - I know you will be a great asset to SMG!

GeoffD Veteran
Congrats Chuck, now what are the plans for your GMC and stainless steel plow?

John I think Chuck will be a great employee for ya. Just buy him an F 350 Powerstroke. :)


John Allin Addict
Erie, PA
If he's out plowing I'll have to get rid of him. Paying him too much to be doing that, buy maybe he'll sell you his truck.

Alan Addict
Congrats Chuck!! It has gotta be nice to have a job in an industry you enjoy being involved with. And John, if you ever expand into Vermont,,,,,,,,,,

75 Addict
I wonder if Canada is on the target list? After all, your US dollar goes about twice as far up here...........and it's only a short hop across the water from Michigan! ;)


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northeastern WI.
John, rather than saying chuck will be working for us i think it sounds more professional and less demeaning by saying chuck will now be working with us.
try using that with all your employees, i do and i beleive my employees prefer it.
from what i can tell your a hands on guy so it shouldn't
be hard for your employees to beleive they will be working with you.
just my 10cents....tell me to shut up if ya want!
congrats to john and chuck

John Allin Addict
Erie, PA
Well Dan.... he IS actually working for us (ie: the Company), and I work for the Company too, even though I own it....

However, you are exactly right in that Chuck and I will be working 'together' and not as employee/employer. In fact, Chuck and I "chat" almost every evening and have been doing so for several months now.

Chuck and I are both very excited about what's happening. And, Chuck has also been a great help in some of the snow projects we are working on in other states too. Chuck and I have alot of the same thoughts on where the industry is going and how SMG will be leading the way in alot of areas. We are forging new ground and going in directions that no one has headed as of yet. Chuck is very forward thinking and I feel privilidged to have him with us.

I am also quite gratified in the positive response's that have been put forth in this thread as it appears that I am not the only one who holds Chuck in high regard (not that I doubted that at any point).

Thanks to all for the kind and thoughtful comments. I know I speak for Chuck when I say "thank you" to all.

Chuck Smith

2000 Club Member
First of all, I would like to thank everyone for their kind comments and wishes. John and I think the same way in many regards, as he mentioned. Together, we (all of us at SMG) believe we can take SMG to a new height. We have been discussing my coming on board with SMG for 6 months as John mentioned, we just had to hammer out details, and timing. Everything has fallen into place for me to join the SMG team, and I have. By joining SMG, I can work on a level that was not possible in the past, being a "one man" operation. I'm in the major league now!

You're right Alan, I get to do what I love, year round, and that makes it all sweeter.

Geoff, I am keeping the GMC for now, and I still have that mental image of a stainless plow, who knows..... one day maybe

75 & HC, Canada, hmmmmm, if we did work there, and took the money home, it would only be worth half as much, right?

And I WILL be seeing many of you in person in the future as John mentioned. And I won't be plowing.....

I honestly think I found the "perfect job" if there is such a thing.

Again, thanks everyone!



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Central NJ 08620
Hey John,

Wanted to follow up on our brief email discussion arranged thru BRL back in March. You were going into negotiations with someone in our area but details were to follow in April. We're still interested but havent heard anything. Give me an email at and let me know if anything is coming down the pike so the company can plan accordingly.




Stamford, CT
Congrats Chuck!!!! keep them roads and Lots clear man!

Hey JAA,

Regional field manager for the northeast? What about Connecticut, RI, and Mass.? Aren't they part of the northeast too?

Maybe you need an additional regional field manager for this region?

Hint Hint!!! ;)

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