New drivers,, gonna have to hire this year

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Well,, another big step this year. In the past we've only had two trucks, so my son and I were the main drivers. We had one part time (night & weekends)driver who had learned by riding with us and we trusted him not to hammer the equipment. He will still be available this year, but still part time. But, we've added one truck and I'm working on getting the plow on a second. So, I'm gonna have to go looking for a driver. There's usually a supply of laid off construction drivers available, so I guess it will come down to finding a likely candidate and checking his references VERY thouroughly. Oh well,, maybe if this works out ok I'll be able to be the "spare" driver when it's storming.

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My policy on putting people on the company insurance. Which is how the get to drive is the following.

1. Review of drivers record.
2. Off street Cone Test, with and with out plow.
3. Road Test, with out plow in the summer with in the winter.
4. Driving experience
5. Type of licence
6. Tell the employee to show up at X time, and say drive down to where ever have a route where they do the following:
A drive back roads
B Highways
C us rt XX.

Then have a friend or yourself follow the truck, in a vehicle you normally don't drive.

If they pass all these they get to drive.

In your case i would would only use steps 1-5.



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I guess I am not that through,I just pick applicants who have a CDL and then have them do a short ride along,Most of my drivers I know or they know somwone who drives for me.Before you advertise you might want to think of someone you know who has a seasonal job or works for themselves and would like some extra money, these guy have worked great for me. I have a guy who has his own DJ business a insurance salesman who had been a realestate agent,and lots of farm guys(sometimes you gotta watch them they think they know more than they do).

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