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    I just put a new cutting edge on my Boss Super Duty and was wondering how many of you leave the old edge on underneath? This is my first time trying it, but have seen many do it and they claim it adds some weight to the blade. My only concern is that it may prematurely wear out the lift cylinder. What are your thoughts?

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    Without buying longer bolts its not possible. I haven't done it. To me its not worth it. I would just rather just bolt the new one on and be done with it.
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    I was thinking of cutting the center section out of the old edge and mounting extra pieces on each side since this is where it wears the most. I thought having extra material on each edge (to cover two bolts) would help it last a little longer, maybe 1 season. It doesn't seem like it would slow the roll off much and extra weight would help on the 7.5STD back dragging.
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    I had to buy new bolts anyway as I snapped 6 of the 8 trying to get the old bolts off. I just got new ones a 1/4 " longer
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    unless you want to add piece's to the ends for riding agianst curb's and it wont make it last much longer .just forget it and put a new edge on you can get boss curb shoes's that work .
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