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I just got the new chwvy brochure in the mail boy do they look good .They show a duelly with the diesel/allison combo towing a jcb 210 on a goose neck hope it will tow just a little more than 12k then i will be happy.any one else now anything aboyt the new trucks or seen one yet?


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I saw a new HD 2500 at a local fair last monday. It was the 6.0 with the 4L80E. Looked good, but take away the body lift and it isnt any heavtier than the previous 3/4 tons.
I am invited to the Nassau Coliseum next Sat /Sun and Mon.
To drive all three Ford Dodge and the new Chevy side by side to compare . Might just have to take the drive.


I read this not too long ago in a automotive magazine. The new HD 3500 trucks are supposed to have a rear axle with an 11.5" ring gear..last year was the 10.5" 14 bolt. They will use the old 14 bolt in the 2500..except with the diesel..and with it they will use that new 11.5" rear end. If i remember right.
Also I read that GM will stick with the independant front suspension, instead of a solid front axle...however, front control arms will be constructed of cast iron instead of stamped steel.
Here are some quotes from this months Car and Driver:
"Here comes mey next assignment, a GMC 3500 Diesel Dually with a 5th whell tow hitch in the bed, hauling a 30ft enclosed trailer balasted to the gills." "The rig weighs a max gross total of 22,000 lbs..the highest combined GVWR of any pickup..anywhere. The big diesel hustles to 55mph uphill--with, if not alacrity, at least fearsome inevitability." "I'm hooked, both literally and figuratively."
"It's a 300hp 6.6 L V* diesel with 520 ft lb of torque-that's 63 more than a Lamborghini Diablo twists out-and it rumbles like a polite Corvette. No smoke, no tack tack tack idle, no ball-peen hammers when you accelerate hard, excellent throttle response, and (we're told) easy starting in subzero weather."


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