New Boss Plow On F-250


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Saint Joseph, MO
Hello everyone,
I am putting a new Boss 7'6" Superduty Straight Plow on my 93 F-250 HD (the truck: 4x4, V-8 460, regular cab, long bed). My question is what additions or modifications should I make to the truck? I was thinking of changing alternater & battery? If battery or alt. what size? Maybe springs? (currently two under the front and five in back) Any other modifications?? Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Thanks

Jay Archer
Archer Lawn Care
I've never upgraded the electrical beyond the HD factory equipment, with no problems. Watch the amperage draw with extra lights though - it adds up fast.

You can go to a wider plow (to 9 feet) on that truck. I've been there with a 7.5 footer, and it is too narrow, particularly when you start to turn - your rear wheels overrun your windrow.

For 7.5 feet, your springs should do. Maybe an add-a-leaf for a wider plow.

SlimJim Z71 Addict
Cary, IL
I have an Optima battery, and a 200-amp alternator on my truck. But... that's running the plow, spreader, rotating lights, reverse lights, and I'm probably going to add a couple of forward facing lights. Not to mention all the normal stuff inside the truck: cell phone, radio, heater, wipers, etc. When I was setting up for snow removal, I figured to better be safe than sorry. So far, no problems. But, you can probably get by just fine with your set-up if you're not running 20-million things at one time. I'd recommend the Optima battery to anyone who plows though. It has a really low internal resistance so it charges back up pretty quickly.

As far as the front suspension goes, you should be fine. If it drops a little further than you like, then you could throw a set of Timbren load boosters on it.


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