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New Boss Parts-Motor-Lift Cycl

Discussion in 'Boss Plows Discussion' started by jklawn&Plow, Dec 5, 2011.

  1. jklawn&Plow

    jklawn&Plow Senior Member
    Messages: 469

    Boss is shipping 5000 V-Plow units in 2011 with new parts.
    1-The new Power unit is HYD09322. Same pump, new Motor-HYD09328
    Motor can be used on previous units in place of HYD01563.
    -Claim improved motor and pump efficiency, although also claim slightly higher current draw. 480 were sent out last year with "positive results".

    2-Hyd09380 (for HYD07013) New lift cylinder, Non repairable, Smarthitch hose relocated to front. No tight s-turn on smarthitch hose.

    3-New Low beam Bulb Smartlight 2 shift from Toshiba to Phillips.

    Thought the numbers looked different as I was putting it together. Everything is functioning as expected. Not sure if there is a spec on the increased current draw.
    Motor looks alot like a replacement motor I bought that seemed to have less pressure on the brushes possibly resulting in longer life.