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I am in the process of starting a snow removal biz and have a few questions for you that are more experienced than me. I am going to buy a new truck for my main snow removal vehicle. Would you guys get a 2500 HD Chevy 4x4 or a ford F250? I want to take advantage while the O% APR is going on. Also I just got 100 brochures from Sima and stamped them with my biz stamp. Should I mail these out to businesses that I am targeting or visit each place in person and hand to the owners/managers. If it helps I am mostly after restaurants and smaller commercial lots. I 'm sure I will get a few residentil drives too though. Thank you for any help you could provide, it would be greatly appreciated!!:) :) :)


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I own more Fords than Chevys. I have a good connection for deals that come up on the Ford's from time to time. That being said, I have a shortbed chevy 1/2 ton that will push with the best of them! Buy what suits you and your needs.

I'd buy used for my first vehicle, especially. If you haven't plowed before, it sound a lot more romantic than it turns out to be in reality. You may decide plowing isn't for you. There are plenty of decent plow trucks sold out there, even in the summer. Others might tell you different, but the LAST thing I would do is buy a new truck, especially if you don't have 100% DEPENDABLE income to cover that payment, etc. It takes a long time to pay for a vehicle like that. I don't think there is a thing wrong with having nice vehicles, just make sure you can afford them first.

Good luck and I hope you are successful!

Before I "wasted" any nice glossy brochures, I would telephone each and every account you are interested in bidding. Ask if you can speak to the GENERAL MANAGER. If he/she is not in ask when they are scheduled to be in again. Once you reach them, introduce yourself and ask if they are interested in receiving a bid.

The G.M. may not make the decision, but the will point you in the right direction, if not. Don't waste your time with assistants because many times they are in the dark as to what is really going on with some matters such as contracts. If they say anything negative about last year's contractor, listen very closely, they could be your next customer if you sell yourself. If they are happy with their current provider, I'd make more calls.

I would only take the time to send brochures, letters, and quotes for accounts that are accepting bids or that express interest. Otherwise, many bids will go in the circular file. Many will end up there anyway, so you don't want to increase those chances by not having done a little homework.

Imagine if you had to get ten girls to go to prom with you. You would likely have to ask a heck of a lot more than ten girls to get ten dates. Unless you have something I don't :) Contracting is no different. It takes effort and a lot of no's and bs answers before you get results. If it doesn't take that much effort, you better raise your prices.
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As far as advice goes on the truck try searching the forums for the ford vs chevy deal. As far getting new accounts (or any for that matter) visiting is always the best way to approach a new client. Any place that has a manager on duty when open is a great intro. You will be forced to mail some out to companies that refuse to meet with you or give you the runaround. Be persistent! As a sima member I'm guessing you know about the importance of insurance? Try not to take on too much the first year and since you are already a member here and at sima your on the right track.

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