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Hello all, looks like everyones gearing up for winter already!
I was recently contacted to bid snow removal for a Franks Nursery, I think they're nat'l , anyone deal with them?? I remember hearing they were in Bankruptcy a few months ago???
They sent me a proposal to bid with seperate lines to enter an amount for each service such as plowing this area______per inch
Salt this_______. Is this standard that they send me a proposal instead of me sending them mine?? I don't do any commercial right now except for subbing. If I win the bid do I then send them my proposal? I've gotten some good contract info from last year that I've been using on my residentials. I like the idea of having a min. amount if it snows or not(only had about 4" total last winter:eek: ) Their proposal can be interperated alot of different ways and I don't want to have a problem if we get this job. Thanks


We do a gas station/conveince store (national chain) that uses their own contract language with "fill in the blanks" probably similiar to what your talking about. It is really pretty general, and I haven't had any problems with them.

If there's something in it that you object too; it's pretty easy to make a change at this point, or add an addendum for further language that satisfies you. I'd go with Dino though, throw them the numbers and work out the details if they accept your bid.

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