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new batteries airbag code 16 2003 6.0l power stroke

Discussion in 'Ford Trucks' started by james.j.smith, Jan 29, 2014.

  1. james.j.smith

    james.j.smith Senior Member
    from 19033
    Messages: 145

    I have had some issues with starting and battery drains for a while now and sunday I tried to buy a battery from sears, I wanted the diehard platinum. To date this has been a long and painful process.

    On sunday after waiting 3 hours for a battery that I bought online with inshore pickup and installation they told me that my batteries were good refunded my money and charged me for the diehard service. Come to find out after some questions that they tested my batteries wrong. I should of stopped there but since I already paid for the service I went back up last night. they took the batteries out of my truck for testing, dropped one and broke it. they gave me 150 store credit for the mistake and I paid the balance for the platinum battery. the other battery tested good so they installed the new battery and my old battery. I should of been on my way, but when I went outside and i started my truck, i turned my lights on and the truck just died. had no indication or lights on the dash, no injector buzz seemed like no power to the PCM. I helped them push it back into the shop and was home a couple hours later. turns out the ignition fuse blew (one the square 30amp ones). went to pick up the truck tonight and now the airbag light is on. it was on solid and now it's blinking code 16. I left the truck at sears since I have had no issues with blowing fuses or airbag lights before they pulled my batteries. Going to have a nice chat with the manager tomorrow.

    anyone have any idea what my issue with the airbag is? from the limited information I have been able to find its has something to do with the passenger side airbag one site said the airbag is grounded to the battery or ignition a couple other sites said that there is an issue with the passenger side occupant sensor or the seat belt tension system. not sure why these issues all popped up when the batteries where removed.
  2. 07PSDCREW

    07PSDCREW Senior Member
    Messages: 873

    Straight from the ford workshop manual....

    Dtc. Flash. Priority

    B1888---16-----------7----------Passenger Air Bag Circuit Shorted to Ground
  3. 07PSDCREW

    07PSDCREW Senior Member
    Messages: 873

    If you have a key switch to kill the passenger bag try cycling it. Then cycle the ign key to clear the code. Your wires to the bag are somehow shorted.