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New and Deciding

Discussion in 'Residential Snow Removal' started by montec, Nov 14, 2014.

  1. montec

    montec Junior Member
    from ND
    Messages: 25

    Hello all.

    I'm new to the site, definitely not new to snow removal.

    I've run things from a military truck with HD home made plow(I think the blade itself was many hundred pounds. It was 1/2 plate steel), to small snow blowers under 28" and have run a pickup with plow.

    Last winter since I sold my house I sold my cubcadet 524we and had planned on buying a different house then I ended up with. So I'm on the hunt again for something for snow removal.

    I am on a budget of unknown figure yet but under 2k if not under 1500.

    Been tossing the idea around for years getting a snowplow but never could find anything that would work on the vehicles I drove. I drive s-series trucks and SUV's. They do the job I need them to do and more.(let the slamming begin) I once made when I have a pickup a homemade out of some scrap wood I had around a rear push plow. crude don't have a picture of it but it did actually work.

    But anyway I was looking to maybe get one of them 2" receiver mount plows and give them a try. Seen the Snowbear and the K2 series out there, seen the homesteader but you can't upgrade later to hydraulics without buying a new plow which is just dumb to me. I'm also looking at a snowblower in the 30" range. 24" is just too small.

    I have a short driveway so I know I will be backdragging that and pushing to the side, but from what I've hard from my neighbors is that since we all have garages on the alleys is that its the last plowed and does fill up deep. The reason I am looking at a plow is that no one has one and that they do have is smaller snowblowers so would take forever to ge clear.

    Any insight on options I may have. Since I run s-series trucks I'm limited to mounts which are non existent.
  2. montec

    montec Junior Member
    from ND
    Messages: 25

    Another option I am considering and recently thought about was getting a used garden tractor/rider and getting a plow or snowblower for that. If I go that route I would be looking to one that I would be able to put a tiller or blade on the rear as well.
  3. remac

    remac Junior Member
    Messages: 15

    short driveways, alleyways, neighbors,....?
    sounds like it might be tight quarters with no place to put snow

    can you post a link to google earth satellite view
    or an address so we can see what you have to work with?
  4. montec

    montec Junior Member
    from ND
    Messages: 25

    Address is

    121 8th ave N, 58012


    Yeah not much room for snow, guy behind me just built a huge garage. I plan on a 24x24 detached garage next summer on the south east side of my lot next to the alley so I will have even less room. This will be closer to the other garage not the alley way though. Haven't decided if will have doors facing the current driveway or the alley.
  5. remac

    remac Junior Member
    Messages: 15

    Thanks - the location and picture helps. You are the brown house, right?
    Your black car is sitting in the driveway?
    I'm guessing that the city plows the alley but only after streets are clear.
    So even once you clear your drive you still have to wade through alley.

    No, not much room to put snow except either side of your drive.
    Can't take it across alley cause neighbors barn is there...
    If you are planning on building a garage and taking up half the yard,
    you will have even less room to put snow.

    I've lived at the end of small drives in the city and long drives in the country,
    I know its nice to clear snow when YOU want to and not have to wait,
    and plows ARE fun, but they are expensive and time consuming too.
    Don't even think about plowing the alley yourself, lots of trouble down that road.

    Unless you plan to plow snow for other people too,
    I'd recommend a good two stage blower for the least hassle and cost
    and so you can throw snow over the fences and get rid of it....:laughing:
  6. montec

    montec Junior Member
    from ND
    Messages: 25

    Yeah I will have less room. I've heard the alley gets pretty deep.

    The black car is not mine its the previous owners.

    I've looked into my neighbors garages when they have had them open driving thru to see what people have and its all small 2 stage blowers.

    Hence why I was thinking getting some sort of rider or lawn tractor to put a plow or blower on it. And I figure it It has the ability to attaché a tiller or blade behind even better.

    I don't want to spend an hour digging out of the alley way myself and even with neighbors having 24" 2stage its still just too long. And they all have the bare minimum types the MTD low end not made for any HD throwing. I think cubcadet is more midrange at least, granted all made by MTD just like Troy-built and others. Ariens I've been hearing bad things about even though I thought there were more upper end at some point.

    I have to get out and measure my side walks to see if I go with a 30" cut if it will be too wide for some walks or to get thru gate.

    The reason I joined was to get more info from the Homeowners that pride themselves in a profession clean job and the professionals that know what works and what doesn't.

    I've played over the years with different ways, and when I buy its a buy to never have to replace. Do it right or don't bother I say. Clean up is a pain in the arse, and I don't like doing it.

    I've even thought of getting the Cub 3x series as it looks promising. But the price point I think is just too high to say for now.
  7. montec

    montec Junior Member
    from ND
    Messages: 25

    I'm still on the fence for what to do. Been thinking the garden tractor option, could become useful as long as I can attach items to the rear. I may not get something this year. Maybe the spring after its all gone. Its all up in the air. Will have to see how it plays out. A plow would be nice and get other people to pay for me to do their drives. I used to do a neighbors in my old place for a few years before we sold.