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New 07's

Discussion in 'Ram Trucks' started by GMC99, Apr 9, 2007.

  1. GMC99

    GMC99 Senior Member
    from 60188
    Messages: 753

    Has anyone bought, or driven a new 2007 CTD with the new 6 speed auto? Just in need of some reviews.. And does anyone know, if the 6 speed is coming pretty much standard on the new trucks, Im having a hard time finding one on the lot with the 6 speed.
  2. mopar250

    mopar250 Junior Member
    Messages: 28

    In streator IL they have a 07 with a 6 speed man. I drove it last Friday. I am looking for a new truck, but would prefer a 5.9. But they said you can't order one without the 6.7 any more. They wanted big $$$................
  3. AnthonyC

    AnthonyC Member
    Messages: 32

    I just purchased a 2007 Dodge Ram 2500 BLACK, purplebou

    Upgrading my 2002 Dodge Ram. Will be in six to eight weeks.

    I will keep you posted
  4. jsaunders

    jsaunders Senior Member
    Messages: 103

    How much out the door if you don't mind? I'm trying to see what a good price is?
    Thanks Joel
  5. AnthonyC

    AnthonyC Member
    Messages: 32

    I actually just upgraded again today from an ST to an SLT. About 30k out the door, and I was pleased with that. I also got the Snowplow Chief Group added on

  6. roadrnnr

    roadrnnr Member
    Messages: 40

    Is that a reg cab or quad you ordered?

    Also does it have the 5.9 or the 6.7?
  7. AnthonyC

    AnthonyC Member
    Messages: 32

    Reg cab, with a hemi 5.7.

    Quad cab with a 6.7 you are looking at more towards mid 30s to high 30s
  8. jsaunders

    jsaunders Senior Member
    Messages: 103

    I got a price of $35,6** for an 07 -2500 quad cab slt with the 5.9 diesel/auto. Seems alright will need to check some more dealers for qoutes.
  9. AnthonyC

    AnthonyC Member
    Messages: 32

    Seems about right, but then again, theres always a better deal out there.

    You snowplowing with this new rig?

    What plow you going with?
  10. jsaunders

    jsaunders Senior Member
    Messages: 103

    I will probably put a fisher 9' on it. The blizzards are awsome yet they are pretty heavy and I don't want to tax the front end more than I have to- But I still need to search some more as to what other guys are doing with there trucks. Dodge/fisher doesn't want to put anything bigger than a 7.5' plow in the 2500--- F -THAT! Then the "truck manager" tells me that the 7.5' plow will be faster than the 8 or 9' while doing drive ways:dizzy: :dizzy: :dizzy: :dizzy:
    He then tells me that to move up to the 3500 dodge is a $6500 upgrade- Yeah RIGHT

    It is a shame to have to leave FORD yet there is no way I would take a 6.0 or the 6.flame. I need to check out the D-Max in a day or 2 as well. The 5 yr/100,000 powertrain warr. is an added plus for the GMC.
  11. roadrnnr

    roadrnnr Member
    Messages: 40

    Tha's about the same price I got up here in VT also. Although there was a dealer advertising a loaded ST with the 5.9 and auto for $29980 but when I inquired that one was gone!

    Go Figure