never plowed (any advice?)


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I just put a new 8ft. meyers on my 1995 f-250.($ I bought the truck new it came with a plow package....hd,4.10 gears,c-6 trans,ect..... My buddy has a repair shop, so i'm constantly taking care of it. The problem is that i never dropped a plow in my life.does any one have some good advice on what to look out for so i dont get into trouble? other than the obvious(curbs,fire hydrants,ect...) Also what techniques you use for larger areas? I have one commercial account with a 24hr. dunkin donuts,its about 40,000sq. ft. and must be plowed every 3". I will be doing driveways also. thanks


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Sounds like you need to buy Chuck Smiths book, "the snowplowing handbook. This will take you through everything you will need to know before you drop your plow.

Or browze plowsite, I mean all the posts, there is a ton of information available to you for free! I did this when I first became a member, it was well worth the time!

Good luck!


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Order his snowplowing handbook, that will help more than any other 1 piece of advice. Snoop around here, and do some searches on topics that come to mind.
Take it easy, do not over commit yourself, and have a bud on stand by in case your truck or plow goes down. Learn how to fix your plow, its not a matter of if, but when something will break.
other than that, use your plow as a plow, its not a dozer, so take it somewhat reasonable and you will be fine.

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Yes, go to the top of this page and click on link to Chuck's Snowplow Contractor Network. I haven't read his book, but I've met Chuck. I will wager the book is well worth it (Chuck, I'll expect my cut for the plug within a week :) ). Advise - do a "search" using "new business". There are 940 threads - pick a few that look good, something like "I'm starting a new business, what should I do?".

Some more advise if you're really new to plowing. Avoid commercial and get a couple of friends' driveways. I know - you said you've already got a Dunkin Donut lot. Be careful of working anywhere near cars. Don't let cars get behind you - your very likely to back into them. People will not look out for you and will pull right in your path. Get good General Liability insurance.


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And be sure to get a flashing amber beacon or strobe for the roof, especially if you plow a 24 hour parking lot. The light helps to limit you liability a little if you have an accident.:drinkup:


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new guy

Well i have been plowing for a couple years now. If you are getting snow now and can't wait for the book here are a couple pointers.

1. Stop early - you will slide especially when trying to push larger amounts of snow.

2. Drink coffee - you don't want to fall asleep.

3. Get amber light - Make yourself as visible as possible.

4. Assume that all people around you are morons. They will pull behind you and in front of you. they just don't understanf what is going on.

5. Plan out where you are going to put the snow before you start plowing.

6. Make sure you know the layout of the parking lot before it snows. Nothing more annoying than hitting that curn you didn't know was there.

These may seem really basic but you would be realy surprised at how relevant they are.


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Try not to put the piles of snow where drifting would be a major concern!
Push your piles back as far as you can to leave room for therest of the snow that is coming.
Keep the spare parts kit and tools handy.
Use your strobe light!
Get a good insurance policy.


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Yeah. Especially #4. (Even if the people around you are working with you.)

As far as #5 goes you not only need to plan where the snow is going, you need to plan so that (as much as practical), you don't clear a spot and then cover it up again on your way to pushing snow to another spot. Unless you're getting paid by the hour, the second time your plow passes over a particular square foot of pavement *you're* the one paying for it.

If I were a snowplowing guru, (which I'm not) the mantra I'd give my followers to meditate on would be, "no wasted motion".

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I have a copy of Chuck Smith's "Snowplowing Handbook". I am very glad that I bought it. I learned alot of things in his book. It tell you just about everything about snowplowing. Probably not everything, but alot of information for beginners. It is a must for all new snowplowers and I think it even would still be a benefit for experienced snowplowers.

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