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Neighors 'trying to help'

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by Sp3cialized, Dec 28, 2010.

  1. Sp3cialized

    Sp3cialized Member
    from CT
    Messages: 58

    This has now happened to me in both mowing and plowing- the neighbor next door with his 'semi professional' grade lawnmower tried to be nice to my custy and mowed her lawn for her this summer. I showed up next day on SCHEDULED day to mow lawn, it was already cut.

    So I was out plowing and this customer is great because I can justify plowing my moms house out for her for free (since it is right down the street). So I go clean out my moms drive, pull into her drive, back blade, turn around, make two pushes out, done, clean for 3am. Show up next morning for final cleanup, the driveway's been snowblowed.

    This coming from the customer who tells me- "Keep the drive open and send me a bill at the end of the month"

    WHAT DO I DO!?!?!?
  2. Andy96XLT

    Andy96XLT Senior Member
    Messages: 323

    Send her a bill at the end of the month. It is not your fault that the neighbors are doing the work and you are still putting the effort, gas, and time into driving there.
  3. Lawn Enforcer

    Lawn Enforcer Senior Member
    Messages: 569

    I've had situations like this, we had 5 straight days of rain and I couldn't mow so I was way behind and then a neighbor of my customer just went ahead and did it even though I called the customer that morning to say that I was going to get to it that day or the next. You just have to call the customer and explain that you had an agreement to do the service and that they need to tell the neighbor that.
  4. exmark1

    exmark1 PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,321

    Happens to us alot more with plowing then mowing... it's kind of pain especially if the customer already tells the neighbor to not do it but they just don't listen anyway!
  5. Sp3cialized

    Sp3cialized Member
    from CT
    Messages: 58

    This is the kind of guy who cleans leaves in his yard every day..

    He LOVESS to use his snowblower!

    (I hope he loves replacing those 100hr HD pieces of junk just as much as he loves using them!)
  6. 496 BB

    496 BB Senior Member
    Messages: 789

    I dont get why people on here get all worked up about someone else doing their work when they have a SIGNED contract. Bring the guy some coffee and tell him to keep up the good work. Then bill her at end of month. I dont see the problem except maybe you are over thinking this????
  7. Andy96XLT

    Andy96XLT Senior Member
    Messages: 323

    ^^^ that's what i was trying to say, better put ha.
  8. leolkfrm

    leolkfrm PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,980

    set them up with a seasonal price, then if someone else does it so be it!
  9. shooterm

    shooterm Senior Member
    from Midwest
    Messages: 272

    I was taking a break at walmart people watching. Watched a guy drop his plow in the front entrance to clear a walkway across the road for people walking out. He even held up traffic for 2mins to do it. I know for a fact he wasn't the contractor either because I knew the landscrapers that plowed for USM. A car got stuck in the anti-car berm as soon as he drove away. Of course I continued to eat my burger and watched some poor somali jump up and down on his rear bumper trying to get traction for his front wheel drive. I love wally world.
  10. hydro_37

    hydro_37 PlowSite Veteran
    from iowa
    Messages: 3,790

    send a bill.....tell the neighbor to save his gas
  11. WIPensFan

    WIPensFan PlowSite Veteran
    Messages: 3,594

    Damn that's funny!! "POOR SAMALI" - :laughing:
  12. Buster F

    Buster F Senior Member
    Messages: 208

    So, are you saying that if you didn't have this customer right up the street that you'd have to charge your mom for plowing?:nono:
  13. SteveR

    SteveR Senior Member
    Messages: 252

    You show up you charge period.
  14. ProSeasons

    ProSeasons Senior Member
    Messages: 624

    See, shooterm knows how to have fun while on his lunch break. Nice!:cool:
  15. blizzardsnow

    blizzardsnow Member
    Messages: 83

    First issue: send the customer a bill- even if its half the rate. Your fuel and time driving over there in inclement weather is NOT free. Second issue: Mom gets plowed for free. Always. Jeez.
  16. acornish

    acornish Senior Member
    Messages: 184

    I would say charge them for running time---
    (and mom would still have to pay ---- fill the thermos up--LOL)
  17. MahonLawnCare

    MahonLawnCare Senior Member
    from Ohio
    Messages: 852

    i had this scenario with some of my drives last winter. the neighbor had a new snow blower and just loved cleaning up my driveways. i'd come super early sometimes and he'd have it done, i would just go shovel the walk and then back drag it again to widen the edges and bill it as usual. :) saved me time
  18. asps4u

    asps4u Senior Member
    Messages: 543

    That's awesome, gotta love idiots. (I love people watching at wally world, they have the best show in town)

    That's even funnier! Poor mom probably talked the neighbor into signing up with her son, so she could finally get free service :laughing:
  19. Winterized

    Winterized Senior Member
    Messages: 120

    Have been clearing snow for next door neighbor last 15 years or so, never charged nor wanted anything. This Winter a mentally challenged new neighbor has started doing it. Makes trails though the yard... the street.. all over the place.

    Called my neighbor and said I'm glad someone else and taken over the snow for you. Looks good, glad to have somebody else start doing it. Works out great for me as well.

    It had tuned into a taken for granted kind of thing for them over the years anyway, so I really am glad to be done with it. He may take over the lawn as well come Spring. Have been doing that NC since the 80s.

    I know this is NOT what the original post was about.... but giving you another spin on a situation.
  20. Sp3cialized

    Sp3cialized Member
    from CT
    Messages: 58

    This neighbor actually was close to me growing up. Her husband recently passed (he had always cut the lawn and snowblowed the driveway since I can remember (4?). I had stopped by when I knew he was in the hospice and offered my services, she obliged but is very particular; despite the fact she knows what work is worth and is more than happy to pay for it done 'her' way. I try to do that for her as much as possible. Its just hard because I go out of my way for her and the other neighbors have no idea so its extra frustrating for me to see this happen all the time. Happened with leaves as well. One day showed up for one of my 'progressive cleanups' and the lawn had been blown clean to the front yard. OH WELL.