needed ASAP price on f-650 cab/chassis


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i was wondering if anyone has an idea on price for a f-650 ?cab/chassis-super cab,XLT,cat-210,7 sp,chrome pkg,this truck is pretty loaded.NO air brakes.I seen it the other day and i am going to talk with dealer on 3/25-3/26,i live near the sticker says 17500 LB rear spring/multi-leaf then futher down 4-leaf auxillary rear springs,and handling pkg.(this is for empty loads).So my questions are what is a fair price for this truck(cab/chassis)and does the rear springs mentioned before mean this truck has 19000 LB instead of 17500?A friend told me it did but he was`nt positive?

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I just spec'd one yesterday. Nearly the same as you want for the low, low price of $56,000.00

I think I have decided to go with an F-550 with the 21,500# max trailer weight for $42,485.00 I plan on putting a p/u bed on it and tow my 3 place car trailer. Gonna start hauling new GM vans from Chicago Heights, Il to Goshen, IN to be upfitted. I then get a backhaul of either fitted vans or Haulmark trailers.

It will be my daily driver and wifey still needs to be able to drive it so no 650 for me yet.

You can go to and spec one out yourself.

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It will look just like a regular Super Duty. It uses the exact same cab as the 250 and 350. The exception is that a regular Ford pickup bed will not fit due to its length. The F-550 is much longer than the 250's and 350's. There are aftermarket beds available in fiberglass and steel. Some with encorporated tool boxes and mammoth gas tanks.

The body style changes once you get to the F-650 & 750.


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I know the pecs on the 550 which is what surprised me. I was not aware of any aftermarket beds available that still have a stock look. Got a link for any??? Sounds like a real nice setup for over the road hauling.

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