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Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by snow, Aug 4, 2000.

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    hi guys,
    well our second issue is supposed to be coming out in september and we need articles, columns,etc. If you are interested in advertsing, feel free to email me at anyone that is interested in helping us out, please respond to this post. i need an editor because i am the publisher, and printing it, and getting everything together is enough for me. we need you help!!!!


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    We really need your help guys! All i'm looking for is someone to write a story,it could be something funny that happened during plowing, talking about how you bid on projects, the biggest storm, contractor profile, a description of a storm, a night in the life of a snowfighter, etc. Come on guys, i need your help.

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    Hey man, whats up. As soon as snow season comes around, I'll write you a little diary style article on a night in the Air Force Equipment shop, clearing the runways. I think it will be intresting for some readers to see how we keep those runways active through a storm.

    2nd of all.......why don't you hook me up with a these newsletters.....I'd be intrested to read them.

    Drop me an e-mail man.

    Oh yeah, did you see my new pics of the bobcat in the river>?? They're on my site.

    Later dude!