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Need to replace main hinge pins

Discussion in 'Boss Plows Discussion' started by Avitare, Oct 23, 2009.

  1. we pulled the old 7.5 straight plow apart today
    the rear hinge pins were really sloppy

    The 2 1/2 inch long pins (were) probably about 1 inch diameter-- at one time
    The pins seem worn in the middle where the plow frame pivots up and down (only)
    These are the main pivot pins.
    But the pins seem to be worn at least 1/64 inch in the middle --down to

    Even the largest part of the pin is really sloppy in the outer holes of the hinge holes.
    The frame holes appear to be about 1 1/16 ( 1.07) inches.
    Doesnt seem like much, but the pins really slap around. >> that becomes about 3/16 inch between the worn middle of the pin and the average size of the holes (some bigger).

    the plan is either weld up the holes and redrill to the stock size for new pins or
    go to bigger pins,...

    Are bigger pins available or will we have to make them ??

    Any suggestions ??

    btw: the bolts for the hydraulic cylinders are worn because the threads of the bolts hits the
    plow frame,.. probably will look for a longer bolt

  2. B&B

    B&B PlowSite Fanatic
    Messages: 12,777

    Drill to the next larger size and replace the pins with grade 5 bolts that protrude through far enough so the threads are fully protruding from the inboard side of the lift tower. Use a spacer to span the exposed threads and a lock nut and you're good to go for many more years to come.
  3. Done
    all went well
    main hinges went to 1 1/8 in dia
    could have redone the turn cylinders but just went to longer bolts so the threads didnt wear
    the center bolt went to 7/8in and was good enough
    the tilt bolts were good so we cleaned them and more anti seze

    pretty simple project
    the 1 1/8 inch was a tractor supply pin that I cut in half and use washers and pins

    The hardest part was finding a drill for 1 1/8 -- found a tapered cutter (big$$)