Need some purchasing advice on a 1991 4x4 Suburban


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I am eyeing a 1991 1/2ton Suburban that is in exceptional shape. It is with it's second owner and all records have been kept. It has 150kmi on a 350 w/ a tranny rebuilt 500mi ago. The owner wants 7k for it (although I am pretty confident that he will take 6.5k for it) and my wife wants it in a bad way. It has a lift kit and other unnecessary doodads that make my wife want it even more (front grill, nerf bars, barndoors, 33in BFGs, etc). I looked it over and it looks like an alignment is needed and maybe a new draglink at worst. The engine is clean and in good shape. The inside 'looks' meticulously kept. It has a new paint job (made me worry a bit - but the owner said it had never been in an accident when I asked).

To make a long question short - Is 6.5k a fair price for it? I agree that it would depend on the person. My wife would be willing to pay the full 7k for it, but I would only part with 6k if I had my choice (which I don't). I am pretty sure we will get it - I just want to know how bad I am getting snookered. *sigh*


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Just a thought, did you happen to check Kelly Blue book ( or something similar as to what that vehicle would be worth / if the 7k is in the right price range ? Don't have any first hand experience with them so I can't offer any other advice.

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check the underside for rust. suburbans had the tendency to rust real bad, at least around here. maybe the new paint job is to hide any rust it had.

just something to loook for
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