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Need some help?


Senior Member
I've got a 10ft cable control Western snow plow that angles very slowly,I am pretty sure that I have the cables adjusted properly.The lift works just fine ,but to occelate it from one side to the other takes forever.Any ideas?


PlowSite.com Veteran

It's electric/hydro right??

If it lifts OK then the motor/pump are working good. I'm not familiar with that setup, but I would look at the valves/pistons/hoses that work with the angle circuit. I'm sure you have the cables adjusted correctly.


SlimJim Z71

PlowSite.com Addict
Cary, IL
Hey Digger... that's how it started on the dump-truck I used to plow with. The plow started moving really slow (at first angling, then up & down too) and it got to the point where I would barely go up. Turned out to be the pump. Not sure if this is the same with yours or not... just trying to fore-warn you if it is.



Junior Member
St. Paul, MN
Had the same problem last year on , what i think is a similar rig. The cable adjustment was VERY SENSATIVE.Also- open the box on the pump where the cables go in and look at the contacts.Mine were grungy and bent. The final solution was disassembling the joy stick control and straightening and cleaning all contacts in there. Good luck.