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need some help

Discussion in 'Chevy Trucks' started by david69, Jul 18, 2002.

  1. david69

    david69 Junior Member
    from oregon
    Messages: 1

    Need some help dont know what else to try . I have a 87- 1/2 t 4x4 350 t b i 4 spd with electrical problems . When hot it will not start even after 5 minutes . I changed the starter , alternater, coil , battery , battery cables , took it to two reputable shops , even the dealer , and still had no know luck . They all said it ran fine . Can anyone please help ??. I have a 85 1/2 t 4x4 350 carbed auto , and a 86 gmc 3/4 t 383 carbed auto , and tried switching starters from both rigs ,and same problem , 87 is all stock , 86 & 85 both have header's , and have no problem's when hot .please need some help . thanx .:)
  2. chevy

    chevy Member
    Messages: 33

    To help you I need to know several things. When hot does it turn over? If not then hook a test light up to the little wire on the starter. Best way would to do it when its cold, and extend the wire on the test light. Hook the clip to the little wire on the starter and run the engine until hot. Shut it down and see if it starts. If not check to make sure that you have power going to the selnoid. If you have power to the little wire and the starter doesn't turn then your baking the selniod and should try a heat sheild around the starter. If it does turn over, then you have power to the selnoid and other problems. If this is the case, try the module in the distribitor these also fail when they get excessively hot. If so make sure you put the grease they supply with it. This helps in disepating heat. If none of these are the case, check the fuel system out, i.e. fuel pressure, fuel regulator, or even the pulse to the injector. That also gets it signal from the dis. module. this is running long so good luck and get back. I'll check back Monday.:waving: