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I know you guy's can't help me to well without seeing the lot but I would apperciate your responses. I got a call tonight for a quote and they want it tomorrow. I went to see the lot and I don't know what to quote. They lot is pretty easy, lots of room to stack snow. It has about 300 parking spaces in 4 rows and 25 bay doors that all have to be back dragged. I was thinking it will take 4 hours with 2 trucks. One a F-350 with a 8' 6" v and a F-150 with a 7' 6" straight. I was going to charge 1900.00 per month Can. That's planning for 15 snow events. What do you think to much? To little?

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Thats 8 hrs per event times 15 events per month?

If that is correct, then it works out to $15.83 per hour, which is a little low for my market. (But I would hire you to sub for that :) )

If it is 15 events per year, and you charged for Dec-Mar, thats $63.33 per hour on an average. That is 1/2 of what I would bid it at here.

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