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Need some help, Western LSX

Discussion in 'Truck & Equipment Repair' started by HAZMAT, Nov 10, 2007.


    HAZMAT Junior Member
    Messages: 19

    Hello, I am rather new to the snow plowing business. I bought 97 K1500 that came with a Western LSX series plow. Everything worked for the season, Left it sitting outside and I went to try and move it during the summer and I got no response from the plow itself. Went under the hood and found the positive terminal were the plow hooks up to melted to the battery. I did not bother with it until now because I want to get it ready for the snow if it ever comes. Some background on the plow its the Western LSX series and it has a electronic hand held controller. I noticed the terminals to the battery and to the solenoid were rather corroded so I re did everything and installed a new solenoid. I also went through the wireing the best I could and checked all in line fuses. Yesterday after cleaning up all the connections including the ones on the plow itself I hooked it all up and well.... theres a problem. I'll start out with the lighting on the snowplow. The lights do not come on the plow unless I have my high beams on, the amber running lights work but only the right turn signal flashes. As far as the plow itself goes, the hand held controller has the back light lit up but the power button doesn't light up and I get no response. Anyone have any ideas? It sounds like a ground problem?

  2. powerjoke

    powerjoke PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,341

    the controller and the lights are not related you do not need the lights to make the plow work

    it sounds like you have the same prob. i had and i asked the western rep and he said the controller was bad i just haven't ordered one yet

    as far as the ground poss. it is likely but do the lights come on BRIGHT or dim like half voltage- if dim it's poss. that theres a ground prob

    does the solenoid click? if no theres still the controller prob. but they are about $200 so you'll have to sell your light bar but you may want to leave the lenses on it so you get more for it?LOL

    HAZMAT Junior Member
    Messages: 19

    With the lights, on low beam they don't no come on at all. Thats bad news about the controller I was also thinking that. I'm not hearing the solenoid click either. Oh you cant get over those red domes can you? wesport I'm pretty sure DAFF is going to come get it in the next few days.

    - Kevin

    HAZMAT Junior Member
    Messages: 19

    Anyone else have any ideas? I need to get this taken care of anyone near me (I'm In Livingston county Michigan) that I could meat up with to check my controller out?
  5. festerw

    festerw Senior Member
    Messages: 986

    You're in luck because I just went through a bunch of troubleshooting on my LSX.

    First thing run some jumper cables to the motor on the plow, if the motor runs that's good news, if not you'll need a new one then continue from there.

    Make sure you're getting 12V from the + wire at the pump when the solenoid is engaged, check the ground from the pump to the truck as well.

    If all of that is good, then you can move inside. On the white control plug on the truck side with the two v shaped cut outs on top the terminals will look like this


    There should be 12v between 1 and 3 with the truck key in the on position, if not find the red wire and where it taps there may be a blown fuse or bad connection.

    Jump 1 to 4, motor should run, if not check the brown/red wire to the solenoid and repair.

    Jump 1 to 6 the S1 solenoid (top right behind the red plastic cover on the pump) should be magnetized and the white wire should have 12v.

    Jump 1 to 2 the S2 solenoid (top left behind the red plastic cover on the pump) should be magnetized and the green wire should have 12v.

    Jump 1 to 5 the S3 solenoid (bottom behind the red plastic cover on the pump) should be magnetized and the blue wire should have 12v.

    If all those are good, move on if no solenoids are magnetized even though there's 12v replace them.

    Now jump 1-4-5 the plow should raise

    Jump 1-4-2-5 the plow should angle left.

    Jump 1-4-2 the plow should angle right.

    If all of these work plug the controller in, it should power on and work fine if not your controller is probably bad.

    To test the controller, ground yourself. Then remove the two screws on the side of the controller and unplug the cord from the circuit board.

    The rectangle white plug that goes to the truck will look like this facing you with the two v's on top

    Check Pin 1 for continuity with the white and black wires on the other plug.

    Check Pin 2 for continuity with the red wire on the other plug.

    Check Pin 3 for continuity with the green wire on the other plug.

    Check Pin 4 for continuity with the orange wire on the other plug.

    Check Pin 5 for continuity with the blue wire on the other plug.

    Check Pin 6 for continuity with the yellow wire on the other plug.

    If there is no continuity between any of these the cord is bad. Replace it, if they are all good put the controller back together.

    Using the battery connect the controller side pin 1 with a 6 amp fuse to 12v, pin 3 to a ground. The controller power light should come on when you hit the power button, if not the circuit board is bad.

    This is easier to do with a helper, with the controller power on check the output to the pins 4 should have 12v with all movements besides lower.

    Raise pin 5 should have 12v.

    Right angle pin 2 should have 12v.

    Left angel pin 2 and 5 should have 12v.

    If you don't have 12v to the pins, the circuit board is bad and can be replaced for around $160, which is still cheaper than the $300 they're asking for the whole controller.

    I can't really help you with the headlights, since mine worked fine so I didn't have to troubleshoot them.

    HAZMAT Junior Member
    Messages: 19

    Thank you for all of that information, festerw. I really appreciate it and will try to get some work done on it today.

    - Kevin