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Need some bulk salt in S.E. WIsconsin

Discussion in 'Ice Management' started by Sno4U, Oct 24, 2008.

  1. Sno4U

    Sno4U Senior Member
    Messages: 480

    I'm looking for some bulk salt to be delivered to my location near Racine, WI.
    I only need about 22 Ton which is part of the problem. I've talked to a few suppliers but they want orders of 100 Ton. Anybody that will do less, wants $150/T plus 19-24% fuel surcharge.
    There has to be somebody cheaper out there:confused:
  2. Ipushsnow

    Ipushsnow Senior Member
    Messages: 314

    Menards. Salt is $4.00 per bag which comes out to $140 per ton. Sounds bad, but bulk is going for $175-$200 per ton here in Milwaukee. So you can leave it in bags and it will be nice and dry, but you have to load them when you go out plowing. Or, cut all the bags open so you can just use a loader to get it in your truck when you have to go plow.
  3. dirtmandan2

    dirtmandan2 Senior Member
    Messages: 275

    You can get bulk salt in Madison for $125 / ton... of course your going to have to pay a quad to go and pick it up... The place is called Enviromelt. If you want the contact info let me know...