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Need opinions on salt spreaders in a hurry!!1

Discussion in 'Ice Management' started by hardwoodcd, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. hardwoodcd

    hardwoodcd Senior Member
    Messages: 253

    I am purchasing a one ton dump truck with a 10' crysteel dump body on it. I have been plowing for quite a few years but I'm brand new to salting. It is going to take about 6 tons of salt to do the lot I'm taking over. I need your opinions on salters. V Box vs. under tailgate. And what name brand and model you guys are having the best luck with. As always, thanks in advance!!!
  2. rblake

    rblake Senior Member
    from dayton
    Messages: 293

    i have always used a v box spreader. you would need to fill up three times if you get a 1.8 yard box. never did like the idea of having the bed up when salting. my friends with larger dump trucks use under tail gate spreaders all the time.
  3. lawnboy2121

    lawnboy2121 Senior Member
    Messages: 470

    a fisher 10 ft vbox will hold 4 yds or tons heaped. I have fisher, downeaster, and torell sanders they all work good the fisher throws the farthest of the three i have
  4. Morrissey snow removal

    Morrissey snow removal PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,798

    i always liked the torwells with hide away hydrolics ice are nice if they still made them and hi ways are good aswell
  5. hardwoodcd

    hardwoodcd Senior Member
    Messages: 253

    I should also mention that my truck doesn't have central hydraulics so an under tailgate would have to be electric.
  6. lilweeds

    lilweeds PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,178

    I like my Swenson RTEL. Great spreader and since it's lighter then most v boxes I can haul more salt. Also having the salt in the back makes for good ballast for the plow.
  7. leigh

    leigh 2000 Club Member
    from CT
    Messages: 2,342

    I use a swenson under tailgate. Less weight than a v box, lower center of gravity,electric,easy on off, less summer storage room needed,less expensive than a comparable size v box. Negative,takes some getting used to raising body.
  8. snocrete

    snocrete Banned
    Messages: 2,862

    I doubt that would be within the rated working capacity of any 1ton....once loaded with material...

    We run a Snowex 2400 elec. tailgate replacement on a 1ton dump. leigh already touched on some of the benefits of an under tailgate or tailgate replacement. We have been very happy with the way our snowex spreaders have performed....wouldnt hesitate to buy more.
  9. cet

    cet PlowSite Fanatic
    Messages: 7,257

    I would buy a replacement tailgate spreader before I bought an under tailgate one but my first choice would be a V box.
  10. hardwoodcd

    hardwoodcd Senior Member
    Messages: 253

  11. hardwoodcd

    hardwoodcd Senior Member
    Messages: 253

    nevermind this is a hyraulic unit
  12. LON

    LON Senior Member
    Messages: 749

  13. SullivanSeptic

    SullivanSeptic PlowSite Veteran
    Messages: 3,422

    An under tailgate spreadr is easy. And you hold more salt. Vboxes are easier to come by tho. A lot depends on what you want to spend. You are gonna spend big $$$ on a vbox that holds 4 or more tons, unless you retro fit side extensions on a vbox. As an example, I have a 7ft stainless vbox. Should hold about 1.5-2 yards. I welded 16" tall extensions on it and now it holds a little over 4. So thats an option
  14. Wayne Volz

    Wayne Volz Senior Member
    Messages: 694

    Under tailgate

    Check out SnowEx replaceable tailgate spreader and under tailgate spreader. V-Box would also work very well.
  15. hardwoodcd

    hardwoodcd Senior Member
    Messages: 253

    I think I'm going to go with a DownEaster tailgate replacement spreader. Any opinions on this specific unit.
  16. lilweeds

    lilweeds PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,178

    Most people have not been happy with the downeaster. Look at Swenson/Meyer and Truckcraft before you buy.
  17. WIPensFan

    WIPensFan PlowSite Veteran
    Messages: 3,594

  18. hardwoodcd

    hardwoodcd Senior Member
    Messages: 253

    Thanks for the thought Greg. But that is a hydro unit. Looked at it last night.
  19. hardwoodcd

    hardwoodcd Senior Member
    Messages: 253

    The downeaster that I had pretty much settled on and went to pick up yesterday didn't pan out. So I'm back at square one and in a bit of a time crunch. With the time crunch I'm thinking I might just get a new 2 yard salt dogg poly unit. What do you guys think about that unit? If this is what I do it wont be til the beginning of the week. It isn't quite as big as I'd like, but brand new and within budget. Thanks, Casey
  20. tuney443

    tuney443 PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,847

    I have had my 1500 Salty Dogg for 3 Winters now.At first,it was problematic with the Chinese digital controller issues but once I switched over to the white faced analog one,it has been trouble free.The spread throw advertised is complete BS,you will NOT get anywhere near a 35' throw with anything resembling a salt grain.There is a good redneck fix for this though by bolting on aluminum extensions on the way too small spinner paddles.I would also advise to change over to Andersen electric connections by the auger and spinner area as the Chinese originals are absolute JUNK.