need old (86) toyota 4-runner mount

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    assume that would be the same as a t-100 4x4.don't really care what brand. could be just an undermount, there is a tree already on this vehicle with an electric lift, but the undermount was hacked on (read currently hacked off). The plow that [was] on there is a Meyer but I've got access to a number of old plows and/or can modify the plow to fit the mount. (THe meyer didn't fit the mount that was on there perfectly anyway.

    So I'm really looking for something that is thought out to bolt to the frame. We can do some welding as well, but obviously the last hacking job which came with was not so great and the welds all gave way. This will just be a farm rig and I'm not worried about welding to the frame but I thought that a mount meant to go on the truck might at least be designed to contact the frame in a number of relevant places and avoid obstacles so I don't have to imagine a mount from scratch -- which is the other alternative, in which case I'm wondering if anyone is selling just the front bar of a mount with the mounting pintles all welded up and aligned already that I could weld to the front of whatever I cobble onto the frame. Again, I'm negotiable on what plow it is designed to fit. I think the one I have now is about a 19" spread on the plow.

    So I'm willing to check in with dealers who accumulate used mounts, private parties, and wait for shipping. this is a back-up (but this year we need back-ups)