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Need More HOA Help! Hope all this ain't done in vain!!

Discussion in 'Bidding & Estimating' started by snowbizplowing, Oct 1, 2009.

  1. snowbizplowing

    snowbizplowing Member
    Messages: 62

    Thanks for Reading!!!
    So after working on my last hoa proposal for nearly two dayz....... you can see my previous posts on this subject here.


    I decided to actively go after additional HOA's. I know alot of you don't like to deal with them because they are hard to work with but i've put together a very solid team of people who will work together to TRY and assure HOA satisfaction. So with that said i have been invited to bid on a couple more HOA's the other is very similar to the last one i got a "ton" of help on from many of you so i figured it out! thanks!!!

    but this one i'm having trouble estimating time.
    The property consists of 3 sidewalks off of main streets a courtyard with sidewalks and a couple of gang ways. The walks to the individual units are the tenants responsibility. there are 3 small interior sub let roads in between the building there are also 81 small drives going into each garage in unit with ilands in between so the would have to be pulled out individually. I was wondering if a bobcat might come in handy here or if a snow blower might be best to blow snow away from the garage doors then have the plow clear that? or considering the tight quarters between the units (barely two lanes) maybe a bobcat would work best throughout with a snowblower for clean up. Also the Associaion will be purchasing the salt we are just required to spread it. Any help with ballpark pricing would be greatly appreciated. i am working on the bid now using the info from you guyz last time and my non stop searching.

    my question in less on pricing and more on the amount of time you beilve this can be done in. I've got my pricing pretty much down but any help in labor time would be great. i know it depends on the drivers and employees experience and skill all are above average and pretty efficient a ballpark would be great!!

    sidewalks to be snow blown
    1230 ft x 4 ft of sidewalks throughout approx. .25 mi x 2 passes = 1/2 mile

    81 - small drives 5x12 = 4860 sf or 972 lf x 2(passes) = .20 mile (or bobcat would it make sense?)

    then the plow would com past and push snow after snowblower/bobcat cleared in front of garages?

    3 - 2 lane sublet roads equaling 1100 feet in length about 10 feet wide in between the completxes i'm guessing two passes. again do you think i should have the snow blown or bobcated before i send a plow??? any help would be greatly appreciated!1

    Hopefully with a little input i will post my numbers once i do SOME(ALOT) more research and also get some feedback(crossing fingers)... Heres an aerial not like it will help much but here goes....:) Thanks in advance for any input anyone can give me!!

  2. snowbizplowing

    snowbizplowing Member
    Messages: 62

    Ok heres what i'm working with so far... please any input either negative or positive is encouraged? am a low baller? somwhere in the neighborhood? or way to high? Gain i'm from the school of driveways and parking lots this hoa stuff is pretty new to me so hope somebodies out there!!!!!

    Per Push

    Snow Biz Proposes to furnish the following labor and equipment: No work is to take place between the hours of 12-5am.

    Clear 3 sub let roads including 81 attached driveways (plow truck or bobcat) initial________$ 497.50
    Removal will commence once storm has ended. Unless otherwise requested.
    Push includes 1”-6”
    Additional 6”-12” initial________$ 329.50
    Clear Sidewalks Throughout Community (snow blower crew) initial________$ 249.50
    Removal will commence once storm has ended with no maximum accumulation
    Including courtyard, pathways and sidewalks along May, Fry &
    Ogden. Beyond fence is obligation of tenant.

    Salt Sidewalks Throughout community (salt spreader)
    initial________$ ___319.50

    Apply ice melt to all paved areas and walkways.
    Ice melt supplied by HOA.
    Application will be at the discretion of the contractor see terms.
    Unless otherwise requested by the HOA representative.

    Trigger Depth: _ 2”

    Total “Per Push” 1”-6”” $ 1,066.50
    Total “Per Push” 6”-12” $ 1,396.00

    Additional Services:
    Markers placed throughout community
    initial________$ _175.00_
    These become the property of the HOA

    Seasonal Agreement”
    Snow Biz Proposes to furnish the above services labor and equipment between November 1st, 2009-April 1st, 2010. No work is to take place between the hours of 12-5am.

    Chicago winters average nearly 40” of snowfall per season. The past two seasons have recorded over 60”+. We average 20+ snowfall events each season with accumulation of 2 inches of more, but winters with over 30 events with 2” or more is not uncommon. Our seasonal contracts give customers the ability to better forecast snow removal costs.

    An additional fee is incurred on seasonal contracts that exceed 20 pushes, we are willing to waive those terms in accordance with your multi-year contract request. If you choose a 2 or 3 year winter protection plan we will include unlimited events over 2 seasons.

    Save 10% on 20 pushes: 1 Year/per year: Total “Seasonal” $ __19197.00
    Save 15% on 20 pushes: 1 Year/per year: Total “Seasonal” $__18,137.50
    Save 20% on 20 pushes: 1 Year/per year: Total “Seasonal” $__17,064.00

    (Safety markers are included with any seasonal contract option)

    Additional Fees:
    **One year seasonal contracts will include up to 20 “pushes” any additional pushes will be billed at $450 “per push”.
    **An Event greater then 6” will incur a $250 fee, an event and an additional $200 for every 6” thereafter.
    **In the event that snow depth is greater then 12” a dump truck & driver may be required for removal at an hourly rate of $209 per hour. ½ hour will be billed for travel and a two hour minimum is required.

    any advice would be greatly appreciated... thanks in advance for any help... just reading everyones posts has been a wealth of knowledge and has helped me immensely..:)
  3. snobama

    snobama Member
    Messages: 35

    All I have to say is there is no such thing as HOA satisfaction!! Complain a lot and good luck collecting the last invoice of the season LOL
  4. snowbizplowing

    snowbizplowing Member
    Messages: 62

    So your saying i should double my rates for the headaches... lol met with the guy and he seems pretty cool.. hope he stays that way. would your rates in the mid atlantic be comparable? i know it is a different market just wondering?
  5. Kramer

    Kramer Senior Member
    Messages: 386

    Snow Biz Proposes to furnish the following labor and equipment: No work is to take place between the hours of 12-5am.

    Haven't read the rest, but how can you say that you won't work between midnight and 5am?

    What do you do with a large storm that starts at 10pm? I cant imagine leaving a scenario where a fire truck or ambulance cant get thru because of snow accumulation. What type of insurance do you have?
  6. snocrete

    snocrete Banned
    Messages: 2,862

    you are only $329.50 higher for 6 -12 inches? if so, thats not enough IMO------just say your 1-6 inch is $1066.50. that means you should be at least $1600 on your 6-12 If it takes you 4 hours to clear 6 inches, do you think you can clear 12 inches in 6 hrs? Ecspecially with the time constraints you are given, with not being able to plow between 12-5...... To me that justifies a significant price increase .
    Yes, I think a properly setup bobcat (with a good operator) could easily handle that place with the help of a truck. I dont want to sound like I know all about HOA's, cause I dont. I have always done mostly comm. work. But I have researched and talked to alot of people that do them & have alot of experience dealing with them. And they all say that they are usually more work to deal with than comm jobs. So with that in mind YES you should charge for the troubles you will most likely have to deal with. I am doing my first HOA this year. I have bid it considerably higher in comparison to the #'s you have posted on both threads dealing with this, and my bid was the lower of the only 2 bids they received!! As I mentioned in the other thread of yours that IMO your #'s are a little low. Dont take offense to what I'm saying, I'm just being honest and giving you my opinion. Good luck, and I would be glad to help in any way that I can, but like I said, I am new to the HOA thing and If I dont like it or if they become a PITA (& the $ isnt good enough to deal with it) I will be dropping it for next winter and going after more bigger comm work.
  7. snowbizplowing

    snowbizplowing Member
    Messages: 62

    i thought the same thing but thats what the HOA is requesting????
  8. snowbizplowing

    snowbizplowing Member
    Messages: 62

    No worries nothing but appreciation for your thoughts. Thats why i've been posting here to get input from people like you. I am still working on the fist draft of the contract. It will probably change 5 times before its ready for submission. I'll update this thread as the bid evolves, you gave me some very relevant factors to take into consideration. thanks again!!!

  9. jomama45

    jomama45 PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,190

    I'll admit I didn't read this whole thing, but beware: when it comes to condo/HOA, you'll be VERY fortunate to only deal with ONE person. Simple bit of advise when dealing with these kind of places: For every unit involved, there one BOSS who's telling you how THEY think you should be doing the job.

    In my experiences, these kind of places see more turnover in service providers than any other residential I can think of.

    You're either too expensive, not thorogh enough, or (most commonly it seems) both of the above.

    Good Luck.
  10. snowbizplowing

    snowbizplowing Member
    Messages: 62

    Thanks for the advice!!
  11. snowbizplowing

    snowbizplowing Member
    Messages: 62

    Any other input? i've got to finish this up and any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!
  12. big acres

    big acres Senior Member
    Messages: 653

    Board members and presidents come and go, but good service is rememberes. One minute you are golden and the next you can simply be discarded as an excercise of power by the new board, not because you suck, but because the new members have a gripe with the old members.

    If everyone is trying to be the boss, suggest that everything be funneled through one key contact (manager, president, landscape chair), you know... for better communication and documentation. On the flip side, I had a key contact at one this year who made it sound like we were on the verge of losing the contract. Turns out she was the lone holdout on switching to us in the first place. I explained ther scenario to their new manager and requested all members email addresses, you know... for more open communication and documentation.

    Turns out three board members had never seen their lawns look better, and we are golden.

    Board Politics... if you enjoy the game, you can beat your competition who does not.

    Good luck.