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Plan on rebuilding my 350 4 bolt main within the next year or so. I want to start buying parts, as money permits. I already know I want to build a 383. Where can I get a good deal on a 400 crank, pistons..etc. Also, are forged pistons better than cast? Plan to put on the edelbrock performer intake manifold and cam. Not sure on what type of headers are best. Any ideas? Should I use an electric fuel pump? I heard it may free up a few ponies. Already plan on buying an electric fan. Suppose to help out on MPG as well as freeing up another couple of ponies. How about MSD ignition? Is it worth it? Any other performance add-on that will beef up my engine?
Engine will be going in my 77 1/2 ton 4x4 Silverado.

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Wow, you're full of questions!
First of all, get a Summit Racing catalog. They have all you'll need at reasonable prices.

Yes forged pistons are better than cast. You can't run nitrous with cast pistons. Then again, if you don't plan on running nitrous, then cast are fine.

No major gain by running an electric fuel pump.
MSD is worth it, but it eats up spark plugs fast.
No need for the electric fan, since most newer fan clutches unlock at high temps and RPM's.

As far as headers, stay with 1 7/8" tubes. For your truck, you already say you want the performer manifold, which is a dual plane type, designed for low end power. Be sure to get a carb with vacuum secondaries. The mechanical secondaries are used with a single plane manifold, and larger exhaust tubes, which is for top end power. Keep this in mind when getting your cam too, low end power.



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If your going to rebuild your motor, like Chuck sugested get a summit or jegs catalog. They are realy helpful. Also another company to check with would be Power house. They have tons and tons of 350 power parts. They are also a bit cheaper than Summit or Jegs. If you are buying a new manifold, i would go for the performer RPM. I have one on my 79 4x4 with a 282,292/465,488 cam with headers, and It rocks. I will say it doesn't hit hard until about 1500-2000 rpm. It's a bit high, but I have a 3 speed with a granny gear, and it works fine. The one thing I have to disagree with Chuck on though. Electric fans are a huge help. In fact car craft ran a story and few months ago and they gained (I think) 40 or so horse over a stock fan. Clutched fans were better and the stock fans, but no where near what the electric fans turned out.


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Well, I unfortunatly had to replace my fan sooner than I had hoped. The fan I had on there may have been the original from 77! Luckly it didn't go thru the radiator. I went ahead and put an electric fan on. My throttle response is better, it also feels like I have a little more "get up and go". But as far as gas milage, I think the non-aerodynamic design isn't helping me get any better gas milage. Only problem I have is, the fan I got was too small. Will need to add another small one.
Thanks for info, I'll let you know how my rebuild turns out once I get all the parts.
First of all,get a bag full of money! If you want to put a 400 crank set up in your 350, here are a few things to know.
If you buy a kit ready to go- The crakshaft main journals will be ground down to fit into the 350 saddles,you can use stock 350 pistons, cast,forged whatever you prefer,30/40/60 over and use stock length coonecting rods.You may have to notch the oil pan rail on the block and the bottom of the cylinders to clear the connecting rod nuts from hitting.(i take the stock rod nuts off and use arp 12point nuts,so you dont have to notch ANYTHING!)You have to use a 400 flexplate/flywheel,400 harmonic balancer,and the rotating assembly must be balanced.(not a big deal for the average machine shop)P.s.If you wre to run nitrous you can use cast pistons, however the max hp kit would be around 125hp.Chances for meltdown are greater if the engine leans out versus forged,but forged will melt too, it will just take a couple more seconds!! Good luck #1 PT.

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