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I am new to snow removal and have a question. I just bought a john deere 1332DDE, and yes hope it snows soon. I mainly take care of residential lawns in the summer and will be removing their snow this winter. Picture if you will, a suburban $300,000-600,000 neighborhood. I am guessing most drive are 25' x 50'-70'. I know a plow on my GM Z71 would b great, maybe next year, how many homes do you think I might be able to handle. Driveway, frontwalk and shovel front porch and maybe drop some salt on front porch too! We rarely get 12" drops, usually 4-8" at once, averaging about 26" a year.

Also, these people have money obviously. Is $40 too much? I was hoping $40-$45 including front walk and porch.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.:)


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How Many?

2. Man, I know you're new and I dont want you to think I'm jumping on you, but with a snowblower you are just looking to wear yourself out! Most residential customers don't want to wait while you mess around with a snowblower on an entire driveway.They gotta get to work!Not wait while you unload and load and know what I mean? I use a Snoman Pullplow and get in and out in under 5 minutes.BAM! just like that you know? Get in A LOT more homes that way. Give your customers SERVICE, you can charge what you want. That's why a lot of guys on this site use V plows.SPEED. Speed equals more money :D


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This is what I can tell you, three stages of my company growth.
Keep in mind around here $50.- just to drop the plow 2000 sq ft
6in. / w/ front walk res.
First 5 yrs. Proffesional wannabe rinky dink but trying Sort of pro invoices etc. always hunting down payments
Next 3 yrs. Learned computing and making customer feel important and acting personal and we meant it. Started asking for $100 .- front money toward first snows and billable thereafter but stern about payment saying well cut them off The heck w/$35.- But dont forget we service most of your neighbors. Still hunted for$ had employee problems etc, & lost customers mostly ones we didnt need.
Now more educated, members of SIMA looking to buy out large (for our area) WSP drew up borrowed hm-hm-hm contracts rewrote them to our specs added a dear ... cover letter added "directed toward those who understand and rely on quality" and demanded either 6 snow prepay or a full seasonal unlimited making the two different by around $100.- Said the gambling is left to them and all decisions were firm & final . Yes its the biggest chance Im taking but today I feel like closing shop
if I dont get my price
So Ifeel it all depends on how much power you think you have.
Find out how much that company you so much admire charges
( if your a real snow plower) and think how you are gonna own that co. because you know so much better. And you do because you see all the mistakes they make and you keep learning while waving hello to them & smiling . If starting out charge 75% of them develop a personal relationship If youre past that then
no need for me to talk you should be teachig me
Any way Im at least $5.- more than my biggest competitor +tax
I worry but w/ each check more parts & neccesary equipment is bought . Really 30 customers will pay my mortgage & pay all business expences Leaving a window for cash call ins 1 truck can bring 20+k Multiply that by honest workers you can count on & youre doing better than me. Work hard be dedicated & it will come to you Hope this helps PS Get insurance Its youre hedge about the high price besides the high quality. Good luck

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