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    I have a 3 yr old western suburbanite plow which I installed on my 1998 Jimmy. It has worked great since day one but I do have one small problem. It works fine up, down, left to right, but when I angle the blade right to left it jerks pretty bad. I had it back to the dealer I bought the unit from while it was still under warrenty and of course they told me it was a normal characterisic of that unit. Altho it works good I don't want it to create a problem in the futrue. I have been unable to find any info on which solenoid controls right to left. I have checked and secured all terminals and connections. I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced this problem, or if anyone has any possible solutions. It just doesn't seem right to me. Thanks, Tom
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    Define "jerks". Like when it reaches the stops? slams when comming off full angle? Or does it kind of jerk around while moving from side to side?

    Check the pivot bolt, make sure its nice and tight.
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    Here is the bulletin on the issue. Its a quick and easy fix to the problem.

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    Well I've had my Suburbanite on my Jeep for 3 months now, and it just started the rachetting
    effect when angled from right to left. :eek:
    I guess I'll need to get me one of those better springs?
    Is this a common problem?:confused:
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    This is a common problem, There is a lighter spring to install. But it doesn't always help. The chattering is cause by the check relief valve which opens when the plow is angled left. It only does it when the plow is in the raised postion. But when its on the ground it won't chatter. It won't hurt the plow. The reason for this problem is the angle cylinders are half the size of the pro plus cylinders which was what the pump was designed for. So the fluid goes threw the pump twice as fast. This causes caviation which makes the check valve chatter.
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    yep mine has done this several times it is intermittent on mine.
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    New Fix

    Western has a new fix for this problem it is part # 48372. There will be a new service bulletin posted soon. This is a newly designed valve not just the spring. Hope this helps, i just ordered mine!
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    Is this valve supplied free free of charge if the plow is till under waranty?
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