Need help with clutch.


I pulled the engine and trans today on my '83 Chevy 3/4 ton pickup with a 4 speed trans. I took the clutch apart and noticed a few things. The inside of the bellhousing seemed to be quite oily. There didn't seem to be oil on the flywheel or around the rear main seal, so I'm wondering if the seal on the trans side could be bad? Also, does anyone know what the clutch disc width should be? Mine measures .308" and it is an 11" dia disc. The depth to the top of the shallowest rivet head is .050" (both sides). Is the clutch close to being worn out, and should I replace it and any seals now? Are there other things to look for that I should be aware of? Thanks for your help.


if you have gone as far as to take the clutch out replace it also replace the throwout bearing pressure plate the clutch fork and the ball that it rides on also pull the front bearing retainer check front bearing and replace the seal also chck it for wear where the throwout bearing rides buy good parts too dont buy the cheapest or you will have problems .

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Re:Need help with clutch

I would replace the clutch,preasure plate and release bearing. And if it's leaking oil I would replace the seals also.And don't forget about the piolt bearing.

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I'm in agreement with what the guys are saying. Now is the time to replace things because they're easy to get at. It sounds like things are getting worn anyway, what shape is the flywheel in?

One other thing to consider, I know you probably don't want to drop too many $$$ but it's also a good idea to have the transmission checked out just so you know what kind of shape it's in. My company truck just had some clutch/trans work, we knew it was tired when we bought it so finding out there was some damage inside the trans wasn't a total surprise. Not saying there will be anything wrong with yours, but when it's out of the truck it is easy to have it looked at & any required repairs done - plus you won't have to pay any R&R charges.


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KK, First of all, most new clutch kits come with the throwout bearing, and all the stuff needed to replace the clutch. The discs, pressure plates and all. Also usually, they come with the pilot bearing. I would also replace the front seal on the tranny also while its out, and as 75 said, it might be worth your while to have the trans checked out by a pro. Also, a few extra dollars and some more time would be well invested if you were to replace the rear main oil seal, since the trans is out and all. Also, just something i believe in, i would get a 12 inch flywheel, it gives you that extra inch of surface. The clutch shouldnt be that much more expensive for the 12 inch. These are just some suggestions. Good luck.


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