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Need help ordering/building from tank to sprayer

Discussion in 'Ice Management' started by DodgeBlizzard, Dec 20, 2011.

  1. DodgeBlizzard

    DodgeBlizzard Senior Member
    Messages: 526

    With liquids being all new to me this year, so far I've conquered the brine maker. This past weekend, I built a dump chute and now able to dump a skid loader bucket full of salt into the brine maker. I'm also a new unofficial scientist now and can use a beacon and hydrometer, making over a 1,000 gallons of salt brine. We attempted yesterday to start looking into the fittings from the tank to the sprayer. Tractor Supply didn't have squat at two different locations. Checked at a few large plumbing places and no luck. It's one thing trying to figure things out when you can touch and ask questions at the store, buying and taking things back as needed locally. But since we can't, I am stuck looking online. I could use some help ordering whats needed. Dultmeier looks like a good site to order from. I know there's many ways of doing it. I wish they offered kits to help use newbies go from the tank to the pavement. I haven't found that yet, so here I am. At this point, I have a 2" poly pump that I'm using to make the brine. I think I would like to use that pump, put on quick connects and use it for the sprayer. I need some help to get from point A (the tank) to point B, the pavement. Maybe even a few close up pics of what you guys have. And if you had to do over again, what you would change. For example, I see some units with a hose reel for sidewalks. Do you have them and don't use them or do you not have them and wish you did? Did you start using a small flojet/battery operated unit and then switched to gas for more output? This unit looks like the cats meow. http://www.metro-melt.com/ I already have the pump and the tank, but not the bank to buy it as a complete unit. I don't know if I need to order a manifold or an electric ball valve. Hopefully you guys can help me out and I can get this built before the snow starts flying.