need help on dump bed


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northeastern WI.
hey guys, i'm interested in converting my pickup bed into a dump unit,
iv'e seen these kits on trucks but for the life of me cannot find the company that makes them. anyone have a name for me?

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I would recomend the conversion. Your pick up bed will not take the stress that it will recieve from dumping heavy loads. A better alternative would be the insert body, for under 2K.

I've thought about that dumping pickup box myself as I used to use one set up like that years ago on a '69 Chevy 3/4 ton. It belonged to a friend of my Dad's that had access to all kinds of equipment from military surplus where he was a supervisor. Lots of cool stuff that guy had. (I won't even get into his plow trucks here.) He had it set up with a piece of channel iron under the bed for support that raised the body off the frame somewhat. He also welded together pipes for extensions to raise the cab and nose sections to match up to the rear body lines. (I think he was the original that Skyjacker Suspension copied!?!?) He used it mainly to pick up trash for the dump runs from his many rental units. I remember one day the trash had burning embers in it and from driving down the road it stoked the flames on that trash 'til we had a full bown fire going. We called the fire department and they tried dousing it with the fire hoses but couldn't get it out. My Dad was a little worried abut it catching the gas tank on fire so he dumped it right in the street. Really blew those firemans minds when he lifted the body of that pickup truck. Mind you this was in 1970. Anyway, I think with the proper support and knowing your limitations it would work fine. I know it lasted many years on that Chevy and others he had before it.

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