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need help on bid

double e

Junior Member
Im trying to come up with a price for plowing 5 apatment buildings. I live in little ol' Delaware and we don't see to much snow. I have a small Kobota tractor to do the pushing.

I want to know if I should bid by how much snow is on the ground- for instance 3"-12" and 12"-24"?

I figure with me on the tractor and two men on sidewalks we can have it done in about 3.5 hr

the bid wants a price per plow- not by the hour

Thank you for your help


2000 Club Member
Well i would figure out how many hours you will be there then how many pieces of wquipment you will have then just do the math if you get like $85 per piece per hour so for example you have 2 @$85 that is $170 per hour per 3.5 hours is around $595 .I know alot of the other guys here could tell you better than me but that is how i would try to base it on.Hope that this helps a little.