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I'm running 33's, but soon will be installing 1 ton axles with 4:56 gears. This vehicle will not need to spend time on the highway. I play most often in mud and deep snow. Can't decide between boggers in 38.5x11(too skinny) or 37x13(too short) or be forced to run on 16.5 rims and go to a 39.5x18 (too wide for snow) or 38x13 tsl's (not boggers) Please help as I'm spending way too much time thinking about this. I've only got 340HP to spin these so 40's are out of the question.

Chuck Smith

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Nothing like a site that adds SPYWARE to your computer. Sites that run Spyware SUCK period........

Pirate 4x4 uses cookies, which are KNOWN Spyware. Glad I tried to register with my Yahoo address, which caused me to get this message:

" vBulletin Message
Sorry. The administrator has banned your email address. To contact the administrator click here "

I was going to edit your post and remove the link, but figured I would warn others BEFORE they go there that they will get a cookie containing Spyware (Also known as SCUMWARE) Also, the old posting guidelines here prohibited posting links to any other site with a discussion forum, but that has changed, since folks can really benefit from many of the truck forums out there.

Download Ad Aware, and you will be surprised how much scumware is on your puter. It's free

(IF you happen to find Spyware named "Aureate" on your system, REMOVE IT IMMEDIATELY. It is REALLY NASTY) I found it on my system.

You can read more about it here:

Sorry to go off topic and blast you, but I am sick of Spyware, Scumware, and Viruses.

~Chuck :mad:

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Ok I did a litle research and got the info I was looking for.
I downloaded the program and was infested with these spyware programs.
Gone now, thanx for the info.
I was wondering where all those porn e-mails were coming from, now I know. there were about 20 of those things in my system.
I won't be visiting the Pirate board any more either.
several of those programs were the double click.