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need help again!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself to the Community' started by TorontoTN, Oct 3, 2005.

  1. TorontoTN

    TorontoTN Junior Member
    from Toronto
    Messages: 13

    I am new to snowplowing and dont know where to get insurance......is there anybody that can suggest me a broker ???......I treid some brokers by calling them up however they seemed to know what i am talking about but said it is a special coverage i should try IBAO...wasnt a big help though!!!
  2. cet

    cet PlowSite Fanatic
    Messages: 7,257

    Do you cut grass?
  3. greenpastureslc

    greenpastureslc Junior Member
    Messages: 26

    Not sure about Across the border, but I go through the same agent who takes care of both Home & Auto. I dont plow yet just L&L maintenance in the summer.

    TRUE TURF LAWN Senior Member
    Messages: 290

    state farm is good give them a call. :waving:
  5. SnowGuy73

    SnowGuy73 PlowSite Fanatic
    Messages: 24,870

    Alot of auto insurance companies will offer plowing insurance