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Discussion in 'Weather' started by mullis56, Feb 20, 2008.

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    Okay guys, here is the deal. The local stations have totally missed the boat 3 times with southern storms here in Indy, they have all turned to a little snow 1-3" vs. 8"+ they have been calling for on these storms this is due the warming of the air from the south and it turning into sleet/freezing rain/ice.

    This time (Thursday/Friday Storm) the locals are saying 1"-3" and sleet/freezing rain/ice, as the other storms have been. However, Accuweather is say 6.6" of snow and the wheather channel is saying 3"-6". The locals have looked like total cowards saying schools will be closed, etc., then hardly no snow has fallen and the sleet, etc has happened. Are they just being cautious? I need to know because with the 2" we had today it was a BIG struggle to do a lot of places with only 2", without equipment and boxes. So who should I believe? I need to know because I need to or not to rent equipment!

    What do you other Indy guys think? Others, input?
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    The best thing you can do is learn to read weather radar sites and monitor a storm's progress yourself. Find two good weather sites and read them both (I use NOAA and Weatherbug). Don't rely on weather reporters - they're little more than actors hired for their knowledge of some weather terminology (like "rain" and "degrees"), being able to distinquish the general locations of Dallas,TX from NYC and their physical features. Then learn when you should push 2" because of what's coming or leave it.