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Well I was getting gas yesterday and some guy started talking to me, he has a set of 4 35's ( i believe SWAMPER TSL'S) and a 6 inch liftfrom a blazer fronts 6 inch spring and back 2 inch spring and 4 inch block. i told him that the tires wont fit, cause i got the 16.5 and his were for 15's. he tells me that the custom tire companmy can get a hold of 15 inch rims with the 8 lug pattern, with no problems.

I call the shop to check out the rims, they have them for 35-40 a pices for the simple white spoke rims. He says that there is not enough backspacing to do it though, How much of a problem would this be? I visualy looked at the space required, and it doesnt seem like alot. Any ideas if this would be doable and worth it, the price is right.

what exact parts should i measure? should i measure with the tire on or off? Should i measure the backspacing on the rim i currently have and go off that for reference?

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