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For years we have been plowing with 1ton 4X4 dumps & pickups,recently we picked up a couple of large parking lots that require salting a well.I've been toying with the idea of picking up a used F600 or C50 dump with a 10-12' plow & tailgate spreader.For those of you that have had experience with the bigger trucks is it worth it? Should I consider used or lease new? And any other comentswould be appreciated.Thanks!

Jerre Heyer

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Erie, PA

Have mounted several BLIZZARD 8611 power plow's on 650 Fords and just did a F6 VOLVO that uses a spreader on the back. Customers have been happy plowing with the bigger trucks and the 8'6" that expands to 11'3" gives them a big plow in the lots and roads but is easier to carry when traveling. 2WD trucks plow great with weight in the rear and good tires. carry a set of chains for the bad stuff and the ice. Jerre

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