Need advice! 4Wheeler vs. Truck??


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Hey guys. I need advice. I push snow right now with my Yamaha four wheeler with a Cycle-Country blade and do very well with it. I do residential, but also sub for a guy doing comercial lots, trimming out around curbs for the trucks and such. This year he wants me to put a blade on my truck but I've always heard such bad stuff about the wear and tear on your truck. It's my daily driver, a 2001 Ford F-150 SuperCrew 4x4 Off Road with the 5.4L and towing package. He'll pay me double what I make now and I could ride inside and sip coffee rather than freeze my fingers, which makes it tempting, but I don't want to destroy my truck. I've already worked for him before, and I know most of the guys who drive for him and the only ones I know who have had problems were driving older trucks that didn't need to be hauling a blade around anymore! They push slow and organized, and with a four wheeler trimming, all the curbs are visible, but I'm curious whether or not you all suggest strapping a blade on the front of an F-150 or sticking with the four wheeler? If I go with a plow, what should I look for. I would be doing a large lot but would be windrowing it with several other trucks but once it's done, I'd like to go back drag some residentials that I currently do with my four wheeler, so I'm interested in the poly edges. Sorry it's a long post, but I just want to make sure I get the right info! Thanks for any responses.
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Welcome to the site. I would not put a plow on that truck. Do to the weak front end or any other 1/2 tons after 1999. But it is much better plowing in a truck. So trade it in for a 3/4 ton you will make the money back.


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I own the same 2001 Ford Supercrew and was thinking about putting a plow on it to plow my driveway and my parents driveway after I was through plowing at the college, cause after sitting in the loader or one of the college plow trucks for 10 hours, the last thing I want to do is arrive home and shovel my driveway so my wife can get her car out, but.....

Look on page 182 in your owners manual. There is a whole section on plowing with an F150 and Ford recommends using the F150 for "personal plowing only" and it also says do not use the Supercrew, Lightning and Harley Davidson editions for plowing.

I decided against putting a plow on mine.


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I'm a firm believer in using 3/4 heavy duty or one ton trucks for plowing, especially if you're doing parking lots. If it is a lot of any size, you'll have quite a snow load on the front.

Here's a thread where this issue was debated.


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:realmad: I just left a Ford dealer yesterday actually walked out For the amount of money they want for trucks the service is lousy
But the guy did say"Oh No!! on a150 you gotta beef it up to 7700 lbs. etc.blabla. I in turn told him about my dissatisfaction
w/ the manufacterer for plastcizing everything You know ,I have a 87 Ranger supercab that plows just fine not mountains but apparently better than a $20+k new truck Unbelievable! Do you know here in LI it is hard to find a plain jane reg. cab truck of any type
Im actually purchasing an02 GMC 1500 over the phone as I cant seem to locate a dealer that is not pushing all the toys or xtra cab
Note Right now GMC 0-0-0
Isay stick w/what your doing If you like residential work SHORTBOX!!! Reg cab


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if you want a plow for your truck, i would look at trading it for a 250/350 superduty. You know a superduty will stand up to a beating, not really sure about the supercrew.

quite honestly i own a 01 250 xlt supercab w/powerstroke and 4x4 and paid less than my boss who recently purchased a supercrew lariat edition.

And I've sat in his back seat, and its not much more legroom than in my truck.

If ford doesn't "allow" plows on non-plow prep trucks, esp. with ext. or crew cab configurations or with a diesel engine, I'm sure they've ruled out the supercrew when it comes to warranties, although I'm not really sure.

And even though you will receive more money for the use of a truck, would it cover your initial investment of the plow, and other necessary upgrades?


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It can be done as long as you go easy. I plowed for 7 years with an f-100 two wheel drive. That's a long story in itself.
Go easy when plowing, shifting, etc, you will be Ok. Drop the blade when moving, not at a standstill.

I do agree with all of the above statements. Heavier trucks are preferred. Right now I am plowing with an 02' F-250 Superduty, an 03' F-650, and an 84' F-700.
F-150's will show the wear a lot sooner over the heavier trucks especially if you are new to plowing. It can be costly after a while. Ball joints, tranny, springs, etc.

My advice: Watch others plow and take in what you see. Do you remember what the plow trucks went through in the past years while you cleared in the edges. Banging into curbs or obstructions. It can be tough on the truck although I must say that I wish I had someone doing that for me! There is something to be said about being in the cab of a truck vs. being out in the snow clearing/shoveling. The warmth of the heater and a cup of coffee.

Bottom line.


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Thanks for the info guys. I think I've decided to stick with the 4-wheeler. It's still good money and a lot less maintenance $$! Maybe I'll come across an older 250 to keep as a plow truck. I'm just not ready to give up my SuperCrew yet just to put a plow on my truck!