need a small plow truck

Discussion in 'Ford Trucks' started by vwovw, Feb 24, 2008.

  1. vwovw

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    i have a 99 F250sd and a 06 F150 xlt with plows. i was thinking a ranger. what years are good and what motor. should i go another route?
  2. slappysdump

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    I had a 94 Ranger Splash Ext Cab w/ a V-6 and a 6 ft Western blade. It pushed snow really well. I had to put a electric puller fan on it to keep it cool when going on long drives w/the plow on it though. Kind of miss that truck for doing driveways--my 02 F-350 Ext Cab DRW Dump is way to big for most driveways--LOL
  3. Brandon

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    '98-up has torsion bar front end. '97-down didn't. My '97 handled a 6'6" Unimount very well though. Go with the 4.0, the 3.0 will push just fine, but with the plow and ballast weight it becomes a real turd. Depending on what plow your looking at getting, keep in mind that most plow manufacturers only make a mount for the '97-down trucks or the '98-up trucks.
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    If you do go with a ranger, make sure you find one with a ford engine and not a mazda engine. A smaller sno-way plow or Western midweight should serve you well.

    If you look in the pics forum, check the thread solo operators ride. Its a ranger with a sno-way set-up.
  5. OP

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    yes it was going to be a snoway. good tip on ford motor. thanks.

    how does their four wheel drive stand up? can you buy after market hubs?
  6. Brandon

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    Might want to check out for info...
  7. this is my second Bronco and I wouldnt sell if for twice what we have into it.
    Best setup I have ever had in 5 trucks.
    tc KC and Jetta
  8. KGRlandscapeing

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    the newer ranger i believe have live frontends so no screwy hubs 4wheel goes in ever time never had an issue my 91 was difficult some time. but we fixed the front hubs turn auto ones in to lockd all the time.
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    If I needed something smaller, I'd look at 66-77 Broncos. those things are awesome