need a idea on a plowing acct.

Doug Perrone

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I have a parking lot that is 125' L x 75' w and a road that wraps around the building. Its a doctors building so i would need to sand and shovel also. We dont get a ton of snow but enough here. thanks for the help.

Mick Veteran
Doug, I doubt that anybody will tell you an amount but someone might help you figure out how long it would take. First, let us know your location and a little bit about the account. Like, is it a rural setting? Can all snow be stacked on-site? How much sidewalk is there? What type of equipment are you using?

Location would be a good beginning.


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there right no one is gonna give ytou a direct price but I mostly bid jobs on how long it will take (by the HR) In our area (NW Ohio) the hrly rate is $70-$80hr by the sq-ft charge on here I keep seeing .45 cent a sq-ft that real high from my caculations I'm running around .03 cents a sq-ft if any body thinks I'm off let me know:drinkup:

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