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National Property Mgmt firms are BAD for this business!

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by LitchfieldCo, Feb 25, 2011.

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  1. LitchfieldCo

    LitchfieldCo Junior Member
    Messages: 4

    We are done with these national property management firms. USM and BFS a strong second!
  2. basher

    basher PlowSite Fanatic
    from 19707
    Messages: 8,993

    They will go away by themselves. Discussions with contractors in this area point to it swinging the other direction and that their customers are moving away from the nationals and negotiating locally.
  3. LitchfieldCo

    LitchfieldCo Junior Member
    Messages: 4

    I hope your right :)

    We've been in the biz over 15 years and boy are they complicating things and taking some big money for themselves. I've heard that they have ratios near 60% or more of the the total price of a job. :)
  4. Plowtoy

    Plowtoy Senior Member
    Messages: 929

    I won't do business with them anymore. Last season i signed a seasonal with a lessor known national and they TRIED to pull some funny business partway through the season. This season they sent me a contract for almost half of what they paid the year before. I said NO THANKS, and that was it. I had been plowing that account for several years before the national came in. Oh well, I guess some can work for peanuts, NOT ME!!
  5. Camden

    Camden PlowSite Fanatic
    Messages: 6,604

    Uh oh, you just talked badly about USM :nono:

    This thread's gonna go bye-bye but at least I got in before the lock down

  6. basher

    basher PlowSite Fanatic
    from 19707
    Messages: 8,993

    Exactly, and the customers are getting smarter. Guys are telling me they quit doing business with the nationals they are going to the owner/managers and offering them bids then getting call backs because they are BELOW what the Nationals are pricing at.

    The key is not working for the national for peanuts. if everybody holds their ground then the nationals cannot be price competitive.
  7. basher

    basher PlowSite Fanatic
    from 19707
    Messages: 8,993

    Do you think they'll send us to band camp.:laughing::laughing:
  8. northernsweeper

    northernsweeper Senior Member
    Messages: 397

    I think everyone should work for a "you know who" national maint. company, at least once, because everything in your life will only get better after that experience..I also would love to see the video.:drinkup:
  9. dlcequip

    dlcequip Member
    from ohio
    Messages: 59

  10. MahonLawnCare

    MahonLawnCare Senior Member
    from Ohio
    Messages: 852

    when the economy rebounds and price isn't such a main factor in decisions, i believe the nationals will die off. right now, if you price something one dollar cheaper you will get the work because everyone is cheap. once times are better, nationals will have no negotiating power.
  11. fireside

    fireside Senior Member
    Messages: 726

    In my area they are going away after this winters record snowfall. I know of 12 accounts they had ALL are now back with the local guy's at there price direct with corprate.
  12. Michael J. Donovan

    Michael J. Donovan Head Moderator, Online Communities Staff Member
    Messages: 1,269

    and yet some STILL can't have a decent discussion without making it go bad

    and yet, everyone blasts us and wonders why these threads get closed
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