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I have been contacted by a national property maintenance company, won't mention the name... they have been hired by many very big franchise restaraunts, etc. I have been contacted to give the prices on properties in my area. They only pay by the inch, increments, and its seem very low. A local retirement community that has hired directly (by the season) is now using this national company. Someone must be doing this work but how? How can anyone take on so many big places with the possiblity of not making any money?

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Riddle me this... Riddle me that...

I'd be happy to help solve this riddle. Although I have much less general snow removal experience and knowledge than many of the respected members of this forum, I seem the be the (self-appointed) resident expert on dealing with national companies from the small contractor's perspective. If you are a SIMA member, there is a(nother) long rant on the SIMA forum that I wrote last night discussing similar issues.;)

I had a contract to plow a 1.5 acre lot for about $65 if I remember correctly. I got about $45 to salt and I was using bagged material at the time. If I things were as they appeared, I'd have lost my shirt and then some on this account.

Guess what, I made as much off that account as any of my other "more profitable" per occurrence accounts. Everyone got what they paid for (*a final result* rather than a routine specification to provide professional service from someone who hasn't a clue) and had better quality service than any competitor's lots for similar properties. Nobody taught me how to make these things fly; I had to figure it out. This was one of the few things I learned on my own and I do take pride in that because it was not always easy.

How did I do it? Email me and I'll give you my phone number and I'd be happy to discuss it. I'm not ashamed (I told the national company EXACTLY what I was doing which was nothing like the specs), just don't want competitors to figure out how to "eat my lunch" if the opportunity comes up in the future. Honestly, though, most of my competitors would come up with 10 reasons why it wouldn't work when my experience shows me it works quite well.

Each system is different and you will run into some of the wackiest specs you could imagine. However, in my experience, there has not been a system I could not figure out how to operate at a high level of profit balanced with fairness to the location manager and national comany. That even includes the ones with what appear to be "bankruptcy sale in the spring" prices.

I don't want to come off sounding like some know-it-all. I realize I am a nobody in the snow business and that is what makes me strive to become so much better. If you are so inclined, I'd do whatever possible to help you figure out (or if I MAY already know) an approach for you to end up happy with doing that work. You could fax specs to me and/or call at your option.

SOOO many people have taken the time to help me and answer an unending stream of questions. I have no problem giving back.:waving:

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