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mystery solved!

Discussion in 'Ice Management' started by cutntrim, Jan 9, 2002.

  1. cutntrim

    cutntrim PlowSite.com - Veteran
    Messages: 248

    We've got two "old-style" Buyers tailgate salters. This past weekend when we had the slushy-snow-turn-to-ice event I was out salting with one of them. I noticed that the salt didn't seem to be flowing onto the spinner fast enough from the hopper. I was only using a fraction of the amount of salt I normally would have dropped.

    I soldiered through and salted all of the properties with it taking longer than usual since I had to make multiple passes over the same areas. The next day I had some call-backs complaining that the lots has re-frozen and out I went again. Same problem with the trickle-flow of salt from the hopper. After hosing it off I checked (again) for obstructions...none. So I hooked up our second salter to the other salt truck and tried it. Flowed perfectly and spread a nice, wide swath. Hmmm....

    Had a closer look at the spinner while it was running on the first truck. What could be wrong? Wait a minute. Isn't that auger supposed to be spinning the other way? Sure enough, when I slowed it down the threads were spinning upwards against the flow of the salt. Put the other truck's salter on and it was turning counter-clockwise, not clockwise.

    Well, I'm no gear-head like many of you on here but I figured that for it to be turning the wrong way the polarity must be reversed. (If that's the correct terminology) So I had a look at the wiring and there are two wires (red & black) going into the motor housing.

    So I swiched 'em. Turned it on and voila! Counter-clockwise rotation and mystery solved.

    'Course now that it's working properly, and I've also left the other salter hooked up to be used as well, we probably won't get any more salt events this winter.

    P.S. I take our salters in to be serviced prior to the start of each winter since there's always some wiring problem (corrosion no doubt) that needs to be fixed. So it was the dealer's repair guy who reversed the wires accidentally in the first place. I called the dealer (good guy) and he said when something like that happens he tells his guys, "That's why you repair snowplows and salters, and not airplanes".
  2. CCLC

    CCLC Member
    Messages: 91

    I know the feeling. I had our tailgate spreader motor reworked and forgot to check the spinning direction when I re-installed it a couple of years ago. I was out of town and the guys had a problem with the v-box so they took that truck. We had complaints as well and couldn't figure it out until I noticed the paint being chipped off of the lower part of the tailgate on one side.


    If it can go wrong it will!!!
  3. Winterworks

    Winterworks PlowSite.com Veteran
    Messages: 97

    I had a Buyers (collecting dust right now) and its polarity was reversed right from the factory! Took a week or so to figure it out as we only had one!