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Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by plowking35, Mar 1, 2000.

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    Right now foreign auto makers can't compete in the full size truck market.<p>Thats why toyota can only build mid size pickups.<p>Geoff
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    the toyota only goes up to a 1/4 ton truck.They just came out with it last year before they only made small size pickups. thats why its not happy becuase it is a 150 not a 250 or 350 etc. compare it to a 150. i own a 4 banger toyota and gues whatt the 5k pounds i pull with it throw the truck around like a toy but it pulls and it still goes good after i take the trailer off. I cant take it on the freeway but it goes on side streests and main roads. and this is a fourcylider. I might be crazy but i do it.<p>
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    Messages: 299 have mail<p>Dave
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    Phil,<p>Freightliner had an ad in Mondays Courant Business section, 2000 triaxle with aluminum body 99,900 I think, most likely includes the 5/500 warranty.<p>Bill
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    You guys blow my mind talking about diesels. You must have diesel flowing through your veins. You make me want to run out and buy one. :)<p>----------<br>&lt;a href=&quot;;&gt;Eric@ELM&lt;/a&gt;<br>
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    John - I know some guys who have upped the ante in their Dodges, but I often ask, &quot;What For&quot;. You seem to enjoy the truck, and I would be satisfied to hear that's the reason. My point, however, is that fully loaded (truck and trailer), my F-800 hasn't run out of power yet. It has pulled itself out of some tough jams too. Do you need the power for work, or just enjoyment? <p>I have to find another solution to my large truck quandry. New 10 wheeler or triaxles are too expensive. I don't want to have a regular tri-axle dump, like the Freightliner because I'll only be able to deliver soil, mulch, stone, etc., I need to have a large flatbed, etc. But I still have sticker shock. I'm pretty sure I was quoted including any rebates, but since I'm not super serious yet, I haven't pressed the issue. I've been busy looking for used ones in order to get my feet wet. Anyone have any leads?<p>----------<br>Phil Grande - Soundview Landscape Supply -<br>Ivy League Landscaping -

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    plowking:<br>I am not sure where you got your info but dodge trans are not made by a Gm owned co<br>I live within 20 min. from two of the chysler trans plants, 727 TRANS built by chrysler for years. Ford doesnot own dana corp. and chrysler owns new process thats why you can't by a heavy tranfer case in a GM.<br>better check the facts on cummings?<br>Hey I still have 7 older Gms would still buy them If they still made a truck and not a cadillac with a bed on it! <br>Independent front axle no front carring weight capabilities, 241 transfercase.<br>I had to buy dodge to get a heavier built truck!<br>I still have a 96 chevy HD 2500 wont carry a <br>9'2&quot; boss like the dodge will.<br>We had to stay with 7'6&quot; baby plow.<br>I wish GM good luck on their new engine, but they need to look at building strong work truck for guys like us to use that will take it.<br>I know we must be a minority to the truck manufactures because all they seem to want to build is the truck to drive to work not work!
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    Phil,<p>Try these links:<br><br><br><br><br><p>even try<p>Let me know if Im pointing in the right direction.<p>Bill<br>
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    OK,, question for the group. Given the wimpy state odf trucks today, I'm considering locating a suitable GM chassis and rebuilding it from the ground up. Probably end up with under 10 grand in it to have a good plow pusher.<p>The other option is to buy a relatively new (97-98) GM and live with what it can do.<p>I can do the work on bringing one back from the grave myself. so no big expenditures there. Other than feeding my ego by drivign a newer rig, no real advantage, other than being able to maintain a noncomputerized myself.<p>Which way would you favor?
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    Well I wasnt the one who said they did build the tranny with dodge.However dodge will install the t-1000 in the 2002 rams with cummins power. I will say this again the cummins is the class of the field.That being said by 2004 all trucks will have to meet car emissions in 8500# and below. So diesels in those trucks will be tough. ABove that the new diesels from ford and chevy will be the norm. I doubt the cummins will meet the new emisions requirments and dodge will have to try a new one, but I may be wrong.<br>As far as gas engines go, no one can beat GM.<br>They have a 6.0 liter gas that blows the dorrs off the v 10's by the other two. And when the new 8 liter comes out this fall the v 10's will be out of date. Now if the diesel is as good as the gas engines, look out.<br>Dino<p>----------<br> Professional Ice and Snow Management <br>Products:Services:Equipment
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    SnowMan,<p>I don't think any 3/4 ton truck is recomended to plow with a 9' blade. Only i know my 3/4 fords will.<p>Geoff
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    Dino,Cummins has a new 6.0 on the table right now,being developed for the ram truck, motorhome,and other MD use.The 24V in them now is far and away the cleanest diesel out there until the new 6.0PSD will come out.It is cleaner than the D-max as of right now.I dont know why Dodge is going to use a GM trans,when they are in bed with M-B,who has a similar trans with better torque capacity.Probably price is why.Dino,all our trucks are at 8600 and up,so I dont think that would apply,although they are tightening in all applications even tractors.I think Ford and Dodge should make wake up.GM dominates gas motors(exV10 dodge for now),to the point of making others look stupid.Ford received so many unsatisfied customers when they put little V10 in E-vans,and Fseries that they retuned it before it was even in the SD's for a year.It runs good now,still no match for GM 6.0 or 8.0 Dodge,no wonder Ford sells so many PSD's.If GM's gas motors were that bad,they'd sell a lot of 6.5's.I think the new D-max is going to be getting its biggest competition from the new 8.1 V8.I'd buy that first,and save the money for fuel,you still get allison,and will last as long as the D-max,cost a third to rebuild and it will be the new gas king.BTW,Dino,I hope your not to hung on the D-max leading diesel power levels for long.Right now,with a simple software change,the Cummins can go 275/660 in a dodge,and the new PSD will not be a slouch either.It should be a great fight,the best part is we are the winners,by getting better trucks.You couldn't go wrong with any of them.<p>----------<br>John D<br>
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    No I am not hanging my hat on the Duramax. I am just happy to see that GM is finally doing something about their lack of prowess in the light diesel market.<br>I agree that the 8.1 will kick butt over all the other larger v10's. the 6.0 is already better than the ford v10 and a close second to the dodge v-10.<br>With todays market place, I guess the makers need to source out alot of items to stay competitive, but by doing so they blurr the line for us loyalists.<br>Dino<p>----------<br> Professional Ice and Snow Management <br>Products:Services:Equipment