my truck just died!!

Discussion in 'Truck & Equipment Repair' started by v-plower, Feb 22, 2008.

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    The other day my truck (the GMC 2500 at the top of my signature) kept stalling. I'd fire it up, go 200 feet and it would stall again. I took my chip out and it ran perfectly.
    The past 3 days it ran perfectly so I assumed it was the chip.
    Today I am all gassed up and ready to roll. My guys show up and one hops in my truck, plows the driveway and he and a shoveler take off to clear out some banks we plow.
    I am about to jump in my dump truck to go hook up my blade and my nextel beeps. My driver tells me the truck stalled. He gets it started and it stalls again. I put additive in so its not the fuel being gel'd.

    Anyone have this problem. It has 16k miles on it. I'm thinking fuel filter but why would it run great for 3 days and then start having the stalling problem again?

    Any ideas?
  2. OP

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    Quick follow up.
    Limped te truck to the dealer who hooked it up to the computer ad absolutely nothing wrong.
    The mechanic has the same truck and had the same chip and says his did the same thing. Apparently, the chip can cause this problem and it ca ang around for a while after the chip is removed.
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    thats no fun. is the truck running anybetter? should have bought another ford :rolleyes: just kidding, hope the chip didnt mess anything up for the long run.
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    Every once in a while edge will shut my truck down. send the unit back to edge and they will update it. they are aware of the problem. also, check out it's a wealth of knowledge about the duramax.
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    The edge box's are known for shutting down trucks, it did it to mine many times before I figured out what it was.

    What you need to do is contact the Edge Products corp. They will help. They know that they have a problem with their product and all you have to do is call them with these things ready.

    You need all the numbers off the tag on the box that goes under the hood. (Ex. Serial Number, Product #, that stuff.

    Call: and talk to Tech Support, they will give you the address and and RMA# to were to send it, all you pay for is the shipping to get it there. They will fix if for free and pay the shipping back.

    I have had a few edge boxes that have come into my garage that have had to get sent back and edge is great about it.

    Here's the info on them:

    Edge Products Tech Support
    1080 S. Depot Drive
    Ogden, UT 84404
    Toll Free: 888-360-3343
    Local: 801-476-3343
    Fax: 801-337-2198
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    LawnPro after tey left the dealer the truck ran like a champ! They met me at my house and picked up the bobcat and I took the truck for the rest of the night. I plowed until like 2-3 am and it started bogging down really bad.
    The day after the storm I plowed with it again and it was fine all day and through today it has been running great (knock on wood).

    PLM, I sent it back once before due to the attitude back light not working. They fixed it and sent it back.
    Im going to call them tomorrow and RMA it.

    PhillyBilly2, thanks for the edge info!
  7. Philbilly2

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    Hope they get you some help there at edge!