My Sherbrooke effect !!!

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Heard on the tv news this week end:

My area this years had most of the province snow. May be champion for snow still on the ground.(some place did'nt got the rain). Amazing, Quebec city have an average of 340 cm and they had less snow this years.

The most interesting part: I'd called my gov. weather agencies this week to subscrive to the monthly weather summary (110$ annual) and they give me another url to check too. I learn that, in winter we have an average of 79 days with measurable snowfall, 12 days with measurable rainfall and 10 days with freezing precipitation.

Next years i don't need to cross the border up to Erie to do more money than this years with my 3" trigger residential customers. ( right now i work 21 days on 15 events and 1 weeks on roof shoveling)Look like may be i could have a dayly routine. I need to talk to someone from the city crew to know how many days off they get...not so many i think.

For now with univerity course it's ok, but after that i don't think i will able to afford 1 month of earning for 5 month expense.I'll need to get bigger and sub or find another job to get a salary, other way i'll eat the snow profit and never be able to reinvest...hum people right about how we are crazy doing this job...

Denis All canadian city.

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Thanks for the site we have almost double the normal snow fall this year. Big difference no January thaw. Saw your roof rake pictures made my own out of aluminum poles, can add pieces to 32'.